Funny Ghost

This is a true incident of me and my friend, yen keong. We went to watch movie during the weekend. We went at 11am in the morning and the movie is called ” the ring 2″. To our surprise, we are the only two person in the cinema. Although we are watching a scary movie, i urge yen keong to stay and watch as i am the braver one .

Halfway through the movie, as we are stuffing popcorns into our mouths, the big screen suddenly blinks and shows a well in which a woman dressed in white climbs out of it. Her face was covered by her hair and she was walking towards us. We thought that it was part of the movie and did not feel surprise, but suddenly the ghost start to strip. I ask my yen keong if this is a RA movie and suddenly we heard a sound and it came from that ghost and to our terror, she says “You two over there, come and join me, i’m feeling very bored living in the screen for so many years. Hahaha, come, come” and she starts to move forward and we are shocked as her body is only skeleton.

We ran as fast as our legs could carry without turning our heads back to this hideous sight. After this incident, we fall sick in the same day which lasts for a few days and we vow not to go to that cinema to watch movie again no matter if it is a scary movie or not….

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