GV Cinema Plaza Sing

On the 7th floor of Plaza Singapura, there used to stand a gynaecological and paediatric clinic. Abortions used to take place there and hence when haunting news came out in the open to the GV cinema that stood there today, immediately readers put a connection on it like how you would with rice and curry.

According to patrons, there is a little girl sitting somewhere near the front row at halls 7 and 10 during the first or the last show where there are fewer people.

Staffs working there apparently needed to find the toys they had placed at the door the previous night. Even taller tales have it that priests had been engaged to perform rituals in the hall.

Projectionist working alone at night had purportedly seen shadows in the cinema after all patrons had left. LifeStyle of Straits Times did an interview with its senior manager and they had refuted the claim. I think for economic reasons, it would be silly to admit it even if the place is indeed haunted, what do you think?

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