Shaw Tower Cinema

Cinemas are rumoured to be haunted because the fact it is a transitional place. The same as toilets, corridors and storerooms where people don’t spend a lot of time at the place. Of course another criteria is that it must be dark enough for those brothers to lurk comfortably away from the sun. The cinema is dark for perhaps 80% of the time when the lights would be off as movies were being screened.

The below story i’m going to relate to you happened to me about 10 years ago at the famous Shaw Tower Cinema. Then i was doing a 933 movie marathon because it was having a good promotion so i joined my friends eventhough i was extremely tired. It was almost 3am when i went to the ladies alone. I assumed i was the only one in the toilet because i had saw that all doors of the cubicles were not shut. After doing my business, i was looking at the mirror and suddenly i heard the sound of a woman sighing. I then looked around to confirm the entire toilet is empty and i quickly walked out of the toilet. After sitting down for 5 minutes, my friend went to the toile and she came back too. Then i told her ” i have something to tell you but i will tell you after the show finished” and she said ” i also have something to tell you!” So both of us quickly went out and exchange the stories and we were telling each other the exact incident about hearing something and feeling uneasy in the toilet. Spooky!

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