Old Changi Hospital

Read the chilling story below about old changi hospital….

This story took place during my army days couple of years back.

12 of us from the same camp shared the same interest in “exploring” haunted places and “looking” for ghosts. We went to places such as Lim Chu Kang Chinese cemetery and Mount Pleasant cemetery in the dead of night for that adrenaline rush. Fortunately I did not encounter anything strange, till we decided to explore the Old Changi Hospital.

The Old Changi Hospital has since been renovated into a spanking new hospital. However, before that it was just an old, abandoned, dirty and run-down building. For those who have been there, you would know what I mean.

This group of friends and I attended a camp mate’s birthday party at a chalet nearby and someone suggested that we check out Old Changi Hospital since we were already there. We left the party at around 11pm and proceeded to our destination.

When we reached there, we followed one of my friends who had been there before. We entered through a side gate leading to a small entrance of the building. When we reached the first staircase landing, that friend suggested that we go up to the highest level and walk along the corridors to the other end of the building. We followed the plan. While we were walking along the corridors, many of us strayed into some of the rooms to peek at its decay. Thus we did not exactly walk in an orderly manner with people falling behind and overtaking me constantly. There were about 17 or 18 of us since some friends had brought their girlfriends along, and I did not really remember who were around me. When you are nervous and scared you do not really pay attention to these details.

Eventually we reached the end of the corridor and I heard my friend’s instruction to take the stairs to the first floor. Those in the front started to descend the stairs and I followed suit. I think I was one of the few who were at the back of the group thus I just descended without paying attention to the level. I thought “Just follow the person in front of me and I should exit at the correct level.” For those who have been there, you would know that the stairs lead all the way from the top level down to the basement levels.

I just continued going down level after level, and between each level you had to go down 2 flights of stairs; after descending the first you had to make a u-turn and descend another before reaching the next level.

I saw someone in front of me in a white t-shirt going down the stairs, thus I followed. As I descended the first flight of stairs and was about to u-turn to go down the next, my friends called out to me. I looked up and saw all of them standing at the top. I turned to look at which level I was going and it clearly stated B1. “Where are you going?” asked one of my friends. I did not say anything and just climbed up the stairs to meet with them before exiting the building. I did not mention anything about it as the old folks always said that if you were to encounter something strange or supernatural, do not talk about it immediately at the location. Just act like you do not know anything. So the question till plagues me till today…

Who was the person I was following down to B1?

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