Day Light

I once was a bird trapper. My friends and I will go to Serangoon North to trap birds by using net. Every day after finish work, I will stop by there to trap birds.

One day in broad day light a voice came out calling us. We are more surprise than scared. There were 3 of us and yet we heard a 4th voice but we can’t see anybody. The land was just clear by HDB. Now it is a flat land. can you imagine that. No tree or building around us or even bush. In broad daylight. in fact we can still see the sun. At that time Singapore time is one hour behind Malaysia. Now the Singapore have adjusted to Malaysia time. The voice follow us behind, calling “ooi” and “ooi”. It sound like a Malay guy in his 20s. Don’t you think it is sinister.

He followed us until we cross the road. After crossing the road, the voice still shout at us but he never cross the road and follow us anymore.

A friend told me, lucky we never reply. If not he will follow us home. After that incident our team never to trap birds again. This is a plain true story hence it is not colorful. You may get bored reading this.

After that I get interested in ghost and went ghost hunting with a team. We went to Changi Hospital, View road hospital etc. I use infra-red camera. Taking picture in total darkness but lit by the infra-red light which is not visible to our eyes. We did see some figures.

In fact I took a pictures of a bed. How in the world there are hospital bed which look intact. This hospital were closed long ago. off the few building and many rooms this room have hospital bed with some cloth which look like it is still in use.

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