Alexandra Hospital

This story I’m going to tell you guys is what I heard from my dad some 16 years ago.

My dad used to work as a boilerman at Alexandra Hospital which was then located beside Queensway Shopping Centre. My mum and I used to visit him at work as she would bring him food when he has to work the double shift. It was a freaky place if you ask me.

One night, my dad came home at about 1am after covering a shift for his colleague. I was still awake but lying down on my bed trying to get to sleep. As usual, he took a shower and sat down to have his hot tea that my mom prepared for him and he had a chat with my mom.

I overheard all this from my room…

“Dear, just now as I was preparing to go home. While changing I saw something perched like a huge bird on top of the bin that they throw women placenta after birth which was near the mortuary. I ignored it but when I was walking to get my car that was parked close to it, I had a good look and I saw the “Pretty Lady” perched on the side of the bin and eating the placenta!!”

He rushed into his car and as he was driving off, the thing sorta like glided along side and went upwards into the dark sky. I was freaked out when I heard it and closed my room window and went straight to sleep.

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