Spooky Hospital Incident

I remember this incident vividly despite it happening when I was still a kid. In fact most of my memories relating back to my childhood is fuzzy or I can’t remember much about it such as my primary school days.

I was admitted to KK hospital and was warded in those wards with animals painted on the walls. Beside me is a child who was hooked up to several tubes and was always looking towards my side.  Regrettably, I would often draw the curtain to hide myself away from others including her. This is an action that I regret till today, seeing as how that action of mine possibly deny her the chance of seeing the outside world.

I was young and don’t really know what is actually going on with me except that it is really serious. I was suffering from asthma than and was suspected to have a hole in the heart.  My parents than were extremely worried and would often take turns staying in the hospital to be by my side.  It so happen one night that I would suffer from an asthma attack and luckily I survived that ordeal. However what I remember most from that ordeal is not the effect it have on my body but rather the dreamlike sequence I had.

In my dream than, I was at the lobby of the hospital where in the years when i was warded. People would often handle their administrative stuff or collect their medicine from there if I’m not wrong.  So in my dream, I was around that area and I was wandering around whereby i chanced upon a person in a wheelchair.

That person whom was on the wheelchair was beckoning me to go over to him. He was wearing a hood over his head and I couldn’t make out his face as well. All I know is that he was draped in a navy blue overall with a hood as well.

Thinking back, i guess i was lucky that i rejected his advance and walk away as the incident that stood out the most for me in this dream was that I actually saw the initials indicated on the side of the wheelchair… SA TAN

God knows what would had happened if I had walked towards that figure in my dreams back than.

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