Civil Defence Academy

CDA( Civil Defence Academy ) is situated directly beside a muslim cemetery, Pusara Aman at Jalan Bahar. Recruits who have passed out from BRTC will be sent here for their posting and hence undergo the necessary course. For those selected for the firefighter course, they will have to stay in at CDA for 3 months to undergo the firefighter course, and i was one of them. Directly behind my bunk was a muslim cemetery, and the area was full of banana trees, and just looking at the tombstones is enough to give you the creeps.

Well, my 6 friends and i were on standby during weekend and there were not many people around. At around 12 midnight, we decided to go to sleep, furthermore it was raining heavily. I was awoken when i heard someone banging on the window facing the graveyard, but there was nobody there, and it was raining heavily. It was as though the thing knocking wanted to get in to get away from the rain. I then turned to my side and faced the wall instead of facing the window. Just as i was about to doze off, i heard footsteps of someone wearing combat boots directly behind me. I was damn scared, and totally covered myself with my blanket, recited some prayers and closed my eyes, forcing myself to sleep.

Another story involves a DI(Drill Instructor) who was on duty one night, and he told us this story. He happened to see someone walking across the corridor at the ground level. He just observed that person, assuming that it was just one of the trainees or maybe one of the encik walking around. Well, the “person” then headed for the toilet on the ground floor…and walked directly through the toilet entrance door…

For future firefighter trainees, please do not bring anything dirty into the bunk, and also please do not bring pork into the bunk. A guy from the 3rd FFC brought pork and put it into his locker…and at night, the “thing” came to his locker, scaring the hell out of that guy.

Bottomline is, do take care of yourselves at CDA.

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