Etched In Memory

I’m writing in to get this off my chest. It has been with me for the past 1 yr. I am 23 this year. This incident still bring back all the heart-wrenching memories. I turn on the radio, the TV, still i can’t escape the ghost of it all.

I was dozing off in my army bunk.. It was a friday nite. I had just finished my duties and looking forward to a great weekend with my group of guy frens.(my girlfriend was having a holiday in thailand with her family). What a nite!!! Rain heavily pelting and a tired soldier on the bed missing his beloved girlfriend.

I was alone in the room and just relaxing.. with the ligths off..about to fall asleep from fatigue when suddenly i saw this apparition slowly manifesting at the end of my bed.

Shocked and unable to react, i froze and watch in horror. I thought that my tired mind was playing tricks on me, but i was wide awake. The ‘thing’ seemed to have cast a spell on me and i was forced to watch….

Slowly, it takes shape…. It was a young, petite and sexy lady’s backview…!!!!

Strangely.. the fear in me has subsided by now.. The figure seems very familiar.. and there is an air of deep longing and sadness about the lady. The room was unlit, except for the lights from the corridor outside and i could not see clearly.

By now the ‘lady’ has manifested fully. From the lights outside, i strained hard to get a clearer look. WTF!!! Her clothes were blood-stained and muddy… I tried to shout but no voice came out.. It was like i am trapped in this realm …

Slowly.. she turned her head … to look at me… The lights from the corridor shone on her face…..

I watched with abated breath… IT WAS MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! Her facial expressions seemed so distant and sad… I looked deep into her eyes… asking her what happened?!!! Tears flowed when i saw her in this state.. She did not replied..merely gave me a longing look.. as though asking me look for a new lover no matter how unwilling she is…

She faded into the darkness once again. I was very disturbed and ran all the way to the office to make a call to her home. Her brother who is serving NS replied:” Lev.. josephine had an accident in thailand.. parents are ok.. she is in a critical condition…” I asked for permission to book out early and went straight to a buddhist temple to pray for the whole nite… asking for her recovery. Tears flowing and all… i knelt infront of the statue for 1 whole nite..

Well.. my girlfriend recovered after 3 months in hospital. I told her about the vision when she got transfered back to SGH. She told me at the hospital bed,:”Lev,i thought i was going to die.. I didn’t want to lose you ..i thought i was being sucked into a dark tunnel with lots of people with missing limbs and all.. I just thought of u ..Lev..” Tears flowed from her face. I held her hand while she continued:” I walked and walked for hours..then someone wearing chinese robes came out from among the crowd and took me to a bright place… ”

Till today, i still wonder what really happened. Did my prayers help my girlfriend from the very doors of death? How did my girlfriend appeared before me as a vision? Whatever.. she is now ok and working in a bank while i had finished my N.S.

ps: names had been changed.

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