Clementi Ave 3 Blk 430

I used to stay in Clementi Ave 3 Blk 430 but shifted out of the place in less than 2 months. It all began when…

My GF lives in with me in the 3-half room flat. (separate dining and living room) Our flat is always dark regardless the time of the day cause the living room window is facing the lift shaft, which blocks out most of the sunlight coming in. I didn`t realize when I purchased the flat or otherwise, would have surely listened to the old folks about staying in `shadowed` houses bringing bad-luck or uninvited guests etc…

I was at work on one saturday and my GF was preparing lunch for me. When I came home, I found her huddled at a corner of the dining room, and when she saw me, she flew into my arms and began sobbing. She told me that when she was preparing the porridge, she heard a loud voice “Hey!” just at the back of her. The voice sounded very much like mine and she turned around, angry that I had spooked her and was about to scold me and there was no one behind her. She was feeling rather spooked but she carried on her chores, blaming the sound as her subconsciousness. It was when she felt her hair being brushed by invisible fingers at the back when she freaked. That was about 10 minutes before I came home. When she related the story to me, I reassured her that it was probably due to her overwhelming imagination. But I could not help the hairs on the nape of my neck tingling when she related the incidents as I have had my fair share of `incidents` and did not want to frighten her.

I had a system 3 aircon – 2 in both bedrooms and 1 in the living room. One night when we were sleeping, I woke up after hearing a loud thud coming from the the living room. Thinking that my house may be burglarized, I crept out of the master bedroom with my golf club. My GF, who was woken up as well, stayed in bed. The house was empty except us. My windows were closed, door was bolted and no one had come in. However, my living room aircon was on and the aircon control was on the floor in front of the TV. We hardly turn the living room aircon on and the control has always been kept in the drawer. I turned it off and kept the control back in the drawer. It puzzled me then but I did not relate to my GF. I closed the door to the other room and went back to bed. Next morning when I woke up and open the bedroom door, a chill draft greeted me. The living room was chilled cool and the remote was on the table. I was freaked but I kept my composure when my GF asked me why was the aircon on. I told her I had accidentally left it on the night before… This happened 3 weeks before my GF`s incident.

After my GF`s incident, I began to look for housing agents to rid my house.

During the last month of staying there. Items in the house would always disappear and reappear elsewhere and we always had a feeling that we were being watched especially from the darkened corner of the living room. That was one hell of an uncomfortable feeling. For all those unexplained cases, I tried to explain it scientifically to my GF that it was probably due to our memory lapses and fatigue and so forth as not to frighten her further but I knew otherwise. We went to Ikea and bought a standing lamp and had it on 24 x 7 at that corner since.

I have shifted out of the flat since 2003 after 2 months of fear and am staying happily at another place with my GF who`s now my wife. Further information on the Clementi flat revealed that a guy jumped off the corridor in front of my place 3 months before I shifted in… coincidence or otherwise, I don`t know…

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