Jurong west blk 822

I’m been living in my flat at Jurong west blk 822 for the past 14 years since i was 5 years old. The flat was a newly built HDB flat in 1992. Everything was fine during the first few years. but things started out to be different when i was in p2 or p3. My youngest uncle was staying with my family as he was staying in ntu, so he shared the room with me. He would go back to my grandma’s home to spend his weekend. This was the first time i experienced the “ghost pressing”. i was ready for bed at 11pm that night, soon i was on my bed, i felt something was pressing on me, don’t let me get up, i can`t open my eyes and can`t shout. i started hearing voices, not 1 but many. the most clearly heard was a lady voice. I started to pray in my mind, hoping that the pressing will soon be over. This event last around 3-5 minutes. As soon as the pressing was gone, i immediately ran out of my room. looking for an adult to clarify the thing. My sister came into the room with me, but nothing was found…

Soon, the Pressing would occasionally came back. Nothing was done to my room because my parents doesn`t believed in me. The next year, i was in the afternoon classes, so i had the habit of staying up late to watch T.V programmes. As long as the clock passed 12.30am, i had to proceed to my room as the living room would be occupied by something. Reason was that, i would be able to heard funny noises came out from no where, but the noise stop when i went back to my room. But recent years, as i needed to answer my calls, i would had to came out of my room and go to the bathroom in the kitchen. However, there were times where once i stepped out of my room, i would see a shadow sitting on the sofa in the living room. But as i look again, the shadow is gone. i kept quiet about it, because my parents would scold me for saying nonsensical things. There were once my family brought the issue up, and i told them about my experiences, my parents were so shock about it. There was once, my mother went to the temple to ask the priest about it and he said that there is actually something is staying with us inside the flat. He also said that if we don`t go to disturb it, he won`t doiing anything to us. So my family chose to ignore the thing. but however, he would always came to disturb me, in my room or when i was in other rooms…… believe it or not, it`s up to you. all what can i say is that i`m still staying in this flat…

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