Block 75 Whampoa drive

Before I carry on writing, i want to stress that this is really not a story but true personal experiences my family had encountered. All of them.

Except myself.

The experiences encountered are very much disjointed and may leave you feel helpless because the truth is, there was no remedy or action taken against it. Nothing could be done…..

I grew up in a family with 3 other brothers.

When I was very young, i used to stay at Prince Charles Square that was along Alexandra Road and Jervois Road. This place is now occupied with many private properties. Then, the most prominent landmark were 2 HDB studio apartments. It was Blk 75 & Blk 74. These 2 blocks were very eerie and had weird accidents happening. If you have looked through the past newspaper clips, you will be able to gather reports of ending their lives by jumping off from either of the block or toddlers falling off `accidentally`.

But that was not the creep that I am writing in today to share with everyone.

My parents got one of the unit on the 13th floor on Blk 75. On one particular day, they decided to go there and clean up the place before moving in. My mom remembered clearly that it was very near the chinese 7th lunar month. After cleaning the unit for a while, my dad and mom decided to take a rest.. and fell `asleep`.

It was my mom who remembered CLEARLY that someone was knocking at our door. She opened the door and saw an old lady outside the house. In that instant, it gave my mom the `chill`. She knew immediately that something was not right. The old lady didn`t take long before she chided my mom and spoke in Hokkien “how come you never offer to us”. My mom then saw this old lady wearing silk pants had no feet at all and replied back to her “This was not the time yet… it`s not 15th of the month. I will do it. Every year… “…. to be continued..

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