Yishun Ring Road Blk 398

Me, pochonganak would like to tell you a story which happened to my fellow bike kaki. Azmi is daredevil/racer champ who stays at Yishun. This is the old Yishun. The lift is not like the current 1 which you can see outside and stop at every floor… ( i hate those old lifts afetr this story) Well it was fasting mth… (who sae fasting Mth no Ghost). We were at AlAmeen restaurant slacking and having late supper… We decided to Call Azmi to join us.. it was oredi 1.35am.. Went i called him .. he was oredi asleep.. after been force but all of us he said ok and just wait for him there… at 3am.. no call.. no sign of azmi… we call several time yet no one pick up.. tot he might have got back to sleep.. so we left. The next day his mom called me that he was having a bad bad fever and they sent him to the hospital.. he was warded 3 days for high fever. The actually story only were told few mths later by Azmi.

At almost 2.. Azmi was taking the lift at 12th floor he was staying at 14th dat time. When the lift reach 7th floor.. it stop and open the door… No one was outside.. Azmi was curious but with prata on his mind he just press door close and carry on… When the door was almost close.. a strong wind and a White cloth flew in.. the white cloth immediately change to a shape of a woman.. with long hair facing the door exit…Azmi was so shock that he couldnt moved…The journey from 7th floor to 1st was like forever… He just frooze there watching the back of the women… White dree and long hair…when it reached 1st floor the door open the women gave a very loud laugh and flew off….can u imagine the laughter inside the compact lift…?? it was loud claimed azmi..Soon after he rush out .. sit at the ground and call his mom.. after asking his mom to fetch him at the void deck he collapse….He was not the onli 1 disturb by the Pontianak… Other story for other time..Be alert when takin the lift at night….

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