Fajar Road Blk 419

The main part of this story is about the “tock tock tock” sound which I experienced which I think it was after my Grandfather`s funeral at our home located at Fajar Road Blk 419 . It was kinda like someone using a granite grinder which you use to grind chilli and garlic. The strange part is sometimes we heard this sound in the middle of the night, who would do that. Its directly above our ceiling. It could be heard clearly when times are quiet. Occasionally drops of marbles can be heard too. From above.

Once on 23rd of Feb, which I tend to celebrate my birthday with some of my school friends at home, a neighbour from the upstairs came down to talk to us. At first she and my mum has a friendly conversation then one of the topic being brought up was about the grinding sound. My neighbour hears the sound which I think she thought it might be from us but we gave her the same answer back, both sides doesn`t know what make the sound, one important question was brought up. “Do you know what a granite grinder is?” The other party denies that they have no idea what it was.

My mum relates that strange sound occurs at my grandfather`s 1 room flat too. One possible sound of the unknown might also be the grinding sound which brings trouble to my grandfather living there, police officers would occasionally come up and told my grandfather to keep his volume low. My mum said that the officers told them that my grandfather had been “grinding” food and it was affecting the neighbours. Look, my grandfather was sick at that time and he don`t grind to make food, he don`t even have it at his rented unit. We are not sure if the spirit followed us home and create the same racket after my grandfather`s funeral.

The unit was suspected to be haunted when my Grandfather told my mum that when one night he was about to go to sleep, a female figure sits at the foot of his bed, massaging his foot! That was before he passed away.

My brother can`t sleep during one of the last days at my grandfather`s funeral and he walked to the kitchen, he didn`t say to do what but he said he heard chopstick and bowl clashing very lightly as if someone is going to eat. The unit was very quiet as the rest of us were asleep and there`s no one awake with him in the kitchen.