Jurong West St 41 Blk 499

This incident occurred when I was 11. I will be coming 28 this year but that experience is still vivid in my memories. I used to live in a two room rented flat with my family at Jurong West St 41 Blk 499. Being a typical old one room block, the corridors were narrow and there were only one way exit at every storey. One night, i was playing hide and seek with my neighbours. I was to seek them out by a stipulated time. The search area was the whole void deck and a playground near it.

Turning my back, I counted one to hundred before starting my `hunt`, not knowing that i was the one who was going to be `hunted`. It was exceptionally silent that night. The sound of crickets and other insects seem louder than usual. Young and adventurous, i disregarded the fears and continued my game. I walked around the pillars and it seem to me that the other kids had vanished. I did not want to lose and decided to make a search at the playground.

One glance through at the playground, noone seem to be there. Suddenly, I heard my sister`s voice calling my name:” Fai..” When I turned over, there was no one there. At that moment, one of the three Buddha pendants dropped. The one which was hooked on to the left of a chain came loose. Thought my ears were playing tricks on me and hook of the pendant might had loosen. I picked up the pendant and continued seeking out the other kids. This time again, I hear my sister`s voice again;”Fai..” I turned back, but once again, there were noone there. And coincidentally, the right pendant dropped almost instantaneous the moment i looked back.

I`m beginning to feel something was very wrong. The swing started swinging on its own. Yes, there was a gush of wind, but it would not had the force to move a swing. I was terrified. I picked up the pendant and started walking briskly to the lift. As i was running, I heard the voice of my sister again. This time round, my instincts told me not to ever to look back again. The voice grew louder and as i was waiting for the lift, i heard my mum voice this time calling my name in that manner she would normally addressed me.

I told myself, it could not be. Mummy should be working at this time. I grabbed on to the remaining pendant with my palm and prayed. Fortunately, the lift was prompt. At that time, all i want do is to go home. After i came out from the lift, i started walking towards my flat. The corridor was dimly lighted as some of the florescent lights didn`t worked. I heard my neighbour calling me. The tone was so alike but I still did not have the courage to turn back. Holding the last pendant in my palm tightly, i ran back to my flat.

Dad was shocked to see my behaviour and managed to calm me down. The next day, I asked my neighbours if any of them had called for me the night before. No one did and frustrated to now they actually went home early assuming that I went home early as well. Dad asked me about the loosen pendants. I told him what had happened the night before. Dad brought me to a temple(where the pendants were blessed), and sought advice from the temple medium. The medium said i was fortunate that i`m alright. The two pendants dropped because It protected me from malicious spirits. Should I had looked back for the third time, something misfortune would have occurred on me. He said every human being is protected by three invisible flames, to keep the malicious spirits away. However, the power of the `flame` can be temporarily weaken, if someone is consciously guilt striken or when he or she is on a bad day(in terms of luck, which i cant comprehend). I was in the latter case and the pendants took the role of the invisible flames and protected me. Coincidentaly, the remaining pendant was actually hooked on the middle of the chain and a pendant, which i chose personally.

Rest was history. From that night onwards, i vowed never to play at night and always with my ear-phones on, listening to my favourite music when going home alone at night.

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