Coral Sec Hall Toilet

This happens on a monday morning when sec 2 are having P.E lessons. Our class were seperated into two groups and my group went to the gym on the 2nd floor. After the teacher went to look after the another group at the first floor… me and my friends saw the school hall was not lock, so we decided to walk in.

It was god damn dark inside and many tables and chairs are inside the hall due to the examination period, but me and my friends still went in without teachers’ permission.

After we went in, we were walking around in the hall and out of no where we heard sound coming from the backstage toilet. As we are curious that there’s someone there, we decided to go and take a look. Then we went to check the toilet. First, we went to check the boys toilet. No one was inside there. Then we heard crying sound from the girls toilet, we decided to go in. When we went in… there’s no one inside and the fan was moving by it’s own. Out of no where the toilet bowl flush by itself and high pitch laughter came out from the cubicle. All of us run as fast as we can out of the hall.

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After this happened, we dare not go to the hall toilet again.