A Romantic Ghost Story

“Promise me that you’ll never leave me.” “I promise you.” These words came out of John’s and Han Yu’s mouth, and was followed by hugs and kisses. John was 18 and Han Yu was 17. Both of them were from the Victoria Junior College and they were deeply in love. One day, John dated Han Yu out after his ‘A’ levels examinations, but Han Yu did not turned up. He went to look for Han Yu at her house, but was shocked by a news about Han Yu. She was dead… …

He found out that she was invovled in an car accident, and he was very sad. He could not lift up his head and stand on his feet anymore, all he could do was to cry in his room, thinking of all the memories he had with Han Yu. He got to University, but his feelings for Han Yu had never changed until he met Li Ping. He fell in love with Li Ping and they got married, giving birth to a boy. But John had a feeling that Han Yu had came back to him, sometimes in the night he thought that he had saw her, and he wanted to say that he missed her. But the image of her had disappeared whenever he wanted to move closer to her. Li Ping thought that her husband had gone mad, for he talked to himself, sometimes calling out Han Yu’s name. She brought John to see a doctor, but the doctor says that he’s perfectly fine. But Li Ping was sure that something was disturbing him.

One day, John ran out of his house, shouting Han Yu’s name. And he don’t look sad, but was smiling all the time. He stopped running, kneeled down and looked up to the sky, and he said, ” Don’t worry, I will take good care of Li Ping and our son. Hope we meet again next life. I love you.”

To me, I think that Han Yu’s spirit had came back, and too, she misses John, but she knew that they can’t be together, so she told John to take good care of his wife and son. This story tells that no matter what happened to lovers, their feeling for each other will never changed.

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