The Third Party

I used to play truant in my tertiary school days(ITE). Each day I played truant, I would always head to my partner’s place. There, we would do a lot of ‘things’. After making love and things like that we would then bath together.

There was one particular day when we did the things we always do. We bath in the same the toilet. But then, I felt there was something seems amissed. After applying soap on each other, we heard a man’s voice from the very corner of the bathroom but didn’t see anything. We actually kept quite when we heard that because we already expected whose voice was it automatically.

See, his mother actually had placed a ‘guardian’ in the house. It would appear itself or the least make a noise to tell people that it is there. All the while we kept quite but once we were at the toilet’s door, we turned and guess what we saw in the mirror beside the toilet’s door….? A man’s head right behind us. Yes, we had that very ‘special’ eye contact..As an ‘experienced’ person I kept quite and walk away but my partner was looking very pale although he walked away with me. It was scary though.

Now we don’t do those things as often as before..

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