Loyang Primary Toilet

I am not trying to scare you peeps from Loyang Primary but this is true and it happened to me and my friends.

It happened on my school’s first storey toilet. Now the toilet had been demolished as my school is going under some renovation. It happened to me ard this yr. It was recess time and my friends and i, as usual go to the toilet to check up on our dressing and lookings. We had actually smelt a strong jasmine perfume coming from one of the cubicles and theres also the sound of flushes but there was no one in the cucicles and no one in the toilet except us. We were feeling scared at tt time n quickly rush out of the toilet. That incident happened to us many other times.

Another incident happened to us too in the 4th storey toilet near the big staircase facing the field. Many people and some teachers said that there was a girl who commited suicide there sometimes ago because she failed her PSLE and was scared to face the music. My frends n i dun actually believed it bcos if it happened it would have been published in the news but when we asked out frends from other sch, they said no. We went to the toilet after mother tongue lesson bcos we’re lazy to attend the next lesson. In that toilet..I could not wait to go to the cubicle and some of my frend go to the cubicle beside me and we talked loudly in the toilet by shouting from one to another. When i had flushed, i looked up and saw a rope with some blood. I came out of the cubicle and my frends were already washing thier hands. I showed them what I see but this time the rope is swinging. We rushed out of the toilet and when back to class.

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