Half Body

This happened when i was in sec1.. when i had my 2 days 1 nite orientation camp.. Wad u will b readin is very true n real!!

It was at nite, around 10.30.. no one seems sleepy; still veri energetik n chatty! No 1 wans 2 retire to bed as we r all curious of 1 anoda n wans 2 noe each oda better.. My peer leaders r outside d room chattin outside among ’emselves.

I was tokin 2 my frens when i suddenly felt very thirsty. So i reached 4 my bottle but it was waterless. I asked my fren 4 sum but to no avail..

So i asked 2 of my frens 2 accompani me 2 refill my bottle n dey agreed 2 du so s dey also wan 2 ans their nature’s call (d watercooler is juz in outside toilet). When we went out of d room, our leaders asked us where we wanna go. So we told them we wanna refill our bottle n 2 d toilet.. 3 of em den volunteer 2 follow us. So now there’s d 6 of us..

Frm our room 2 d toilet, it was a 5 min walk.. We had 2 bypass diz “dark lane”, turn left n walk str8 b4 we reached d toilet.. When we were walkin pass diz “dark lane”, my leaders told us 2 look str8 n not turn n look at it.. n s u noe i’m d curious type.. so i didnt heed their advice.. so i juz took a quick glimpse of d “dark lane”. It actuali leads 2 a room n its veri deep.. There’s a table in d middle of the lane along d left side.. There was actualli nutink.. Practicalli nutink.. Nutink scary n nutink spooky! but i haf diz eerie feelin n my hair were standin..

So i dun wan 2 pry 2 much on2 d matter s i tout dat my leaders r juz scaring me out of my wits.. so we went 2 our destination, do our business n went bek 2 our room..

On d wae, i tout of a plan; 2 scare my leaders along d “dark lane”. We were nearin it.. n s soon s we were abt 2 turn i made sum stupid noise 2 scare all of em.. They seem a litle tense up n i decided 2 stop.. We r nearin d “dark lane”, n i decided 2 look at it again.. When i walk pass it, i haf d same eerie feeling i had earlier n my hair r standin! As i was juz turnin, i saw a half body clear “person” juz came out frm d room thru d door comin 2wards us.. I was so scared stiffed dat i gave a scream.. All of ’em were so shocked dat dey juz ran away leavin me behind s dey sense dat sumtink was not rite!

I was 2 scared dat my legs turned jelly.. I couldn’t walk or run properly.. but i manage 2 get bek 2 d room still! I felt very weak s if i wan 2 blackout n was left dumdfounded 4 d whole nite! No wurds could juz describe wad i saw n how i feel at dat point of time.. I onli told my frens wad i saw weeks after d “tragedy”!

Now, whenever i walk pass dat “dark lane”, i tried veri hard not 2 look at it even though my frens tempt me 2 look at it! Cuz everitime i look at it, it reminds me of d incident!!

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