Cuppage Plaza Is Haunted!

I used to work at a Japanese lounge in Cuppage Plaza. We have a toilet inside the lounge itself so we never had to go to the toilet outside. One day, my colleague and I decided to go out to use the public toilet for fun. (Retarded I know.) And also….. I guess she wanted to do BIG business and bomb Hiroshima in her own way.

So anyway. To go to the toilet, you have to walk through this corridor, turn left, open a door, turn left and open another door before you see the toilet. E went into one cubicle to do her business, and I was outside by the sink primping in the mirror. I felt something not quite right, so I asked her to faster finish her business. And she did. So we left.

Later in the night, I was talking to another colleague. I happened to mention that E and me went to the ladies outside. She looked shocked and asked, “HUH YOU TWO WENT TO THAT TOILET?” I was alarmed and said, “Yeah…whats wrong?” She told me, she and her friend also went there once. She finished her business faster so she went out to wait for her friend. She was taking quite long so she said, “Eh girl, faster” There was no reply. SO she walked to that cubicle her friend was in. As she did so, she passed by this cubicle, and the door was ajar. She saw a woman inside sitting on the toilet. But she had no head.

Obviously she started screaming and her friend came out, both of them ran out of the toilet as fast as they could. I knew she wasn’t lying, because how can anyone come up with something like this?! Actually all the toilets inside Cuppage Plaza are all “dirty”, because the whole place is simply too quiet and very little human traffic.

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