Strange School Bathroom

For me I think this is the only scariest incident I ever came across..

It was at my school, and I was currently in my math class.

I had to go to the toilet, so I got the teacher’s permission and went off.

The bathrooms were on the same floor as my math class. Each floor in each block in our school has 2 bathrooms (boys + girls).

I was in the 1st floor (middle).

Anyway, I entered the girls bathroom, and there were two cubicles: one was on the back wall and another was in front of it (kinda hard to explain).

I went to the one in front of it, in hopes that nothing bad would happen to me since the back cubicle was also in a cornered area, plus darker.

When I went in, I heard sniffing sounds, as though it was a girl crying (my age or older). I heard no tears or anything else, but just sniffs.

I also saw blood in the toilet water plus tissues and other plastic stuff that came from pad packs all over. I just thought to myself “must be normal, somebody must have just had their menses and washed their pad” or something. And I was relieved because the chain (flush) was broken. If it was normal then the blood and tissues wouldn’t be there.

And carrying on…

I exited the cubicle and proceeded to wash my hands. Weirdly enough, I saw that the back cubicle door was open. When I first entered, I swear I thought it was closed. If the sniffing person went out I heard nothing open, nor did I hear any footsteps then.

I just ignored the cubicle thing, and went to the sink. Strange – one of the mirrors had black stuff stuck on the bottom parts and yeah.. I didn’t know what it was so I avoided washing my hands upon that mirror area. I went to the mirror next to it, which was clean.

The soap dispenser was also broken. So I couldn’t wash with soap. I just wet my hands, dried them, and went out.

I then suddenly ran into a cleaner by mistake. We both said “sorry”, then passed through. I went to return to my maths classroom, and then the bell went to mark the end of the period. (I had another period of maths to go.)

When I told one of my other friends later that day/few days after, she responded that it could have been most likely a ghost.

To me, I’m still totally unsure… what do you think? Girl or ghost?

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