The Haunted Toilet

This story happens in a camp in the northern part of Singapore when I was still a recruit. Our bunk is on the fourth floor ,F coy. The toilet was located next to the staircase . It was believed that someone in the past has hanged himself inside the toilet. One night, I and my buddy went to the toilet. It was around 2 am cos I had early looked at my watch before going to the toilet .The toilet is design in a way that on the right if the entrance is the washing area where we washed our clothes Further down is the bathing cubical. There is a long mirror on the left of the entrance The urinal is straight in from the entrance. Along the way to the urinal are the cubical for doing business. .

When we reach the toilet, we went straight to the urinal . Before we could finish what we were doing, I and my buddy heard someone washing clothes .The tape was running and there was scrubbing of clothes. The sound was really convincing . We were shock .How could there be anyone washing clothes in the middle of the night. We quickly finish what we were doing and went to have a look. The washing area was empty. We looked at the mirror and there was no one as we believed that ghost reflection will be seem through the mirror.

Just when we were about to rush off,we heard someone bathing inside the bathing cubical. Water was rushing out from the tape and splashing onto the floor. We immediately rushed out of the toilet and back to our bunk.

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