Knocking While Showering

This is a continuation from the story ‘Did anyone wake up’. As i had mention in my first story,the creepy experienced we had over at Jalan Bahar was not only after lights off but even before it. When it happened,i wasn’t aware of what actually happened but got to know about it later on during our final week at Jalan Bahar.

We were all hanging out in our bunk while waiting for water parade. If i remembered it correctly,one of my bunkmate was sitting alone eating tidbits. The bookworm guy was,well,reading on his bed. Two more were making their maggie mees and another was having his shower. I was lazily in bed slowly drifting to sleep. The final guy was on the 5th floor in the other bunk.

I had fall to sleep for awhile and woken up. Still in a dazed,i heard a commotion and saw my two bunkmates that were making their maggie mees ran out from the kitchen. They looked shock and confused. They were asking each other questions but it seem neither one had the answers. As i was still sleepy and in a dazed,i ignored them.

The story was that while they were busy boiling water for their maggie mees,the guy that was showering suddenly shouted “wait! i be out in a few minutes.” Both of them were surprised to heard him shouting when nobody had ask him anything. Mind you,they were in the kitchen and for sure they would know if there is anyone outside the bathroom. No one was at the balcony and they were nearest to it.

“I said wait,i’m finishing,”again he shouted. So they ran out from the kitchen frightened. That’s when i saw and heard the commotion. They finally walked to the balcony and outside of the bathroom, and ask why was he shouting.So the guy said he was frustrated that someone knocked on the bathroom door hard several times even though he had said he be out in a few minutes. And they just said to him,”no one was knocking. We didn’t heard any knocking at the door and no one was at the balcony.” And the guy just replied,”huh? Whatever.”

After i was told of this story,we ask the showering guy if he did really heard the knocking. He said it was a loud knock.It was clear and it happened several times.Now if ‘it’ really need to use the bathroom,try the other bunks instead. Am i right??

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