Cycling Trip To Desaru

June holidays. This the month that will be very boring if you don’t have anything to do. My brother and I decided to organise a cycling trip from Singapore to Desaru. We manage to get seven of his friends to join.

We took a boat from Changi Port at 7:30am to JB port called Batu Layar. From there, we had to cycle all the way to Desaru. The sceneries through the journey are very beautiful. Especially during we cycled by the beach. The overall journey is very tiring because after Batu Layar we had to passed through six hilly roads.

Finally we reached Desaru at about 8pm. We are tired and we decided to crash into our chalets. The next day we had fun and decided to have seafood for dinner. It is quite at night in Desaru so we have to cycle out to a small town to have Ikan Bakar and other seafoods.

Lovely dinner and it is time to go home. My brother is in the lead while I’m the anchor man. The journey back is totally dark. No streets lights and huge trees covers both side of the road. While we were cycling, my brother saw a moving candle from a distance. Everyone saw it and I was saying in my heart,”Dear god. I hope none of the us ask what is that.”

Fate doesn’t go my way. Out of the sudden, someone in the middle of the pack shouted,”Eh, apa tu?” (*Eh, what is that?)

Immediately my brother did an emergency brake and chain reaction began. All of us fell. We got up, not saying anything just continued out journey back to our chalet in Desaru. The minute we reach out chalet, my brother and I prayed and thank god we manage to sleep. The other seven members didn’t manage to get some sleep and we know it because we saw their panda eyes when we woke up in the morning. They told us that all night long they heard something was walking and knocking the roof and scratching the walls of the chalet…

Moral of the true story: Take very good care of your mouth while in this type of areas 🙂

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