Freaking Encounter

This actually happen in 1997 at the East Coast chalet unit E the two storey chalet. At that time my friends and I booked a chalet there to celebrate one of our members’ birthday. In my group there are only two gerls and 8 guys and I’ll start the spooky part that still freak me till this day.

It was around 11.30 pm when I was feeling sleepy and went up to the upper bedroom and saw my bro Ashah sleeping, so i snuggled in beside him and fell a sleep almost immediately …i’m always like that when I am feeling tired. I can’t remember what time it was when I was jolted from my sleep. I turn around and realized that my bro had already woken up and gone down leaving me sleeping alone. I was about to go back to sleep when I suddenly felt uneasy… I found myself being forced down onto the bed by an unseen forced like as if someone was on top of me BUT there’s no one so I screamed for my bro and the “feeling ” just dissapeared.. I thought I was only dreaming and told my bro what happened and he said could be that I’m too tired and asked me to go back to sleep.

And about sometime later, the ” feeling” came back again and this time it was like someone was tickling my leg and when I shruged it off, the “thing” strared to push me down and I tried to sream but to no avail and the ” thing ” was pinning me down making it hard to breathe .. Just at the time my brother’s friend Randy went up and saw as if an invisible force was pinning me down and saw the shape that as if a real person was on top of me. He quickly recite any prayer he knows and shout for my bro and the rest, I don’t know how long it last but it seems endless and I was struggling but still can’t move an inch. Another of my brother friend who knows how do dealt with such thing keep on reciting the prayers that was taught to him and finally I could move and was breathing heavily…

Thank God my bro friend was there at the right time if not I don’t know what would have happened ……………

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