The Impossible Cat

Well, i was 11 then, when we, my relatives and i were holidaying at one of Johor Bahru island. I can?t remember what the island name was as it was back in 1993.

As we stepped on that island, we noticed that, we were the only visitor around. Weird though, it was june holiday and not much visitor. We were greeted by this old man and i believed he was the owner of the only resort that exist on the island. This place was covered with trees and hilly too. The resort was filled with Kampung houses-like for the visitor to rent. Well, i heard that the resort section used to be old burial ground but was removed. This old man jokingly claimed that we kids better beware not to loitter around at night cause we might just find ?ONE? under the houses. Very funny… old man, what a way to scare the kids… At first i knew i was never gonna sleep for all the night. No, no, no … not because i was afraid but because the place was just so tempting to the three adventurer like my cousins and i. We planned to check out the place, the wood, the hill, everywhere thats possible.

Finally, it was night time. My cousin, a boy, came up to my room that i shared with my other cousin girl. We were ready for exploration. Before reaching to our destiny, on our way we heard scratching sound. My cousin girl, lets call her ?S?, suddenly got the feeling that it was not safe for us to continue. But both of us insisted, so we continued. By the time we reached at the middle of the hill (well the hill has man-made steps and there were hilled houses owned by the people ? a terrace hill) me and my cousin boy, lets called him ?M? saw something moving around, like coming down the slope toward us. We couldn?t see clearly because the lights were too dim. We stopped for a moment. To what our so called ?surprise?, came down a black cat. We laughed except for ?M?, he climbed down the steps, i didn?t know he was not a fan of cat. But ?S? was calling it. The cat suddenly zoomed toward ?M?. He ran away with all his might till he reached his room. We were behind the cat which was behind ?M?, chasing. We never saw him then, till the next morning breakfast.

On the table, ?S? and i couldn?t stop laughing about the way he ran from the cat. He even admitted that he?s really afraid of cat. Our conversation was heard by one of our uncle who often visited that island nearly four times a year just to fish. He laughed telling us ?Where got cat in this island. Don?t talk nonsense, never i see a cat in this island all the while i?ve been here?. We told him not to joke around but he was so serious. He even got the old man to say YES and he was serious too. His expression tell me its true.

My poor cousin girl was haunted by scratching sound and i was still thinking about the cat. My question was ? weird, so there?s a place where there is no single cat, i thought everywhere there will always be cats …

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