Disturbances East Coast

On Youth Day holiday, my colleague and I organised a chalet function down at East Coast Chalet. We rented the chalet for three days two nites.

Well the function runs smoothly. On the first nite, most of our colleagues stayed overnite and thus Lela Anjani, her boyfriend and me and my fiance decided to sleep in our tents at the beach instead.

The following day, most of our friends went home leaving we two couples to spend the remaining days together. We had fun during the day. In the afternoon, my fiance and I were tired so we went upstairs to sleep. Lela Anjani and her boyfriend watched TV in the living room. After that we had another barbecue.

Nite came. Lela Anjani and her boyfriend slept in the bedroom while me and my fiance slept in the living room.

It was almost to 1 am but my fiance was not sleepy yet. I was extremely tired. After asking permission from him to sleep, I went to slumberland leaving my fiance to watch the motor cross show on the TV.

Not long after I woked up with a jerk. I felt a sharp slap on my thigh; as if someone was trying to wake me up. Instinctively, I looked at my fiance but he was having his back on me a few metres away and he was eating and watching TV at the same time. He could not possibly have beat me and then get back to the position he was in now cause he is far away.

To ease my beating heart, I asked him when he is going to sleep. He turned around; shocked to see that I was still awake.

I went back to sleep.


I heard the knocks on the back door which I was facing. My heart thumped fast. I recited some prayers. The more I recite, the faster my heart beats. I was scared but did not want to wake my fiance up. I just hug him and prayed to Allah that whatever it was would not continue to disturb me or my fiance.

The following day I told Lela Anjani of my experiences. She told me that her boyfriend was unable to sleep too. He claimed that the room was hot and stuffy ( it was air-conditioned, for goodness sake! ). Lela Anjani thought that her boyfriend was joking as she was feeling cold instead.

We got ready to set off and checked out.

The next working day, we told our colleagues of our experiences and know what!! They felt a presence too. On the first nite that we did not sleep in the chalet, one of our colleagues baby was crying for a long time. He stooped wailing only after one of us read the holy verses thrice and blow at the baby’s face.

Gee..I thought only we were disturbed, they were too. Man, were we scared..but fortunately the thing did not show itself. That will be the last thing that we can accept…

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