Pasir Ris Chalet

It was during the November or December school holiday in 1998. It was our organization outing. They rent for us two bungalows, one for the girls and one for the boys. It was our second nite stay when we saw this things…

We were resting ourselves outside our bungalows after our barbequing and dinner. We were so tired therefore we left all the thing and decided to clean up the next morning.

While we were resting, one of our frens suggest that we have the ghost story sesson that nite. We all agreed and start gathered around to listened to the ghost stories one after another. It was quite fun and scary too. Especially when some of the boys make a joke out of this ghost story.

It was around 1 am when suddenly all of us felt the cold breeze was different and even some of us were started shaking. One of my fren looked around and saw a “white figure” sitting on a brance of a big tree. She told us and some of us who were brave enough tried to look for it. They saw ‘it’ and later they saw some of “its” at some of the brances. Then one of the boy decide to end it by reciting some prayers and asked us to go to sleep.

While inside, the galz who sleep downstairs feel the cool strong wind from the under door. As for my sis who slept upstairs felt that something calling out her name.

Next morning, my fren check her video cam. Suddenly she saw those “things” that she accidently record it. We saw it too and want to make a copy of it. The next few days, they told us that the tape was gone. She have searched the whole house but still couldn’t find it. Were could it be? Nobody know until now…

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