If anyone of your friend is a sleepwalker out there, you better be careful coz’ I what gonna tell you may scare you …

This happened to my ex-boyfriend about five years ago in East Coast during our chalet with all our dirtbike friends which we call ourselves ” Dare Devil Riders” …. K not to waste time this was how it happen….

It was around 11.30 pm I was barbequing with my bro Joey when I notice Fen(my ex) woke up with a jolt and just walk out of the door. At first, I thought he was just hungry and woke up to eat but when joey talk to him, he just stare ahead of him. I felt a sudden cold wind and keep a look out on him when I realised some thing was wrong, coz he kept walking towards the sea and I just ran after him and calling out his name but there’s no answer at all..

By the time I reached by his side, he was already in the water about knee deep. I tried to pull him back but he won’t. His eyes was open but the kind of a blank look well you know what I mean. Fen was 1.91cm tall and I’m 1.58 cm so you could roughly imagine me trying to pull him back but he was just too strong and we are already reaching to my shoulder deep and I’m freaking out and sreaming for my other members to help me. By the time they ran out I’m getting deeper in to the sea but thank God Joey and three others came in fast one of the put over a white shirt over Fen’s face and recite some prayers before he just past out and the other get me out of the water.

Once back at the chalet, Fen’s just kind of wake up and say “Why am I wet?” When we told him what happened, he was shoched and say that he was dreaming that a lady in white was calling out to him and he enhancted by her voice and did not realised the danger he was in. If no one noticed him … he could have died…Thank God he is still alive ………

So be careful if any of your friends are like him. Don’t take it for granted to those people who are always sleepwalking coz some of us believe sometimes its the disturbence of the other side world ………..

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