Lady Luck

Well these incident happened a long time ago! During that time, we were having a chalet to celebrate a birthday party for a friend of mine. Few of the guys and gals were busy preparing food at the BBQ pit and the rest of the guys including me were “busy” making money(gambling). Some were losing, some were winning but all of us were having a great time till something happened!

As we were “stoned” due to excessive drinking, our visions were not really ok! Those who were losing were cursing and those winning was smiling! As per normal we were playing BLACKJACK! As the clock began ticking into the early morning around 2am, we were surprised to feel a sudden coldness in the air!as you all know that often chalet provides a round table and few chairs! All eyes were busy looking at their own cards until one guy suddenly saw something behind me! He never utter a single word but just stammering away. Suddenly all the guys look into my direction and from that point, i could see their eyeballs wanna pop-out! Within a split second, all of them ran into the room leaving me all alone! Suddenly all my hair stood up! The sudden change in tempreture is all too real! When i turned around, i could see a RED FACE LADY IN WHITE! She was just behind me. A total horrifying face and the next thing i knew this horrible smell of i dunno what but its totally YUCKS! I passed out…..

The next thing i knew was all my friend gathered around me inside the chalet! I can’t remember anything after that! All they say was that the “LADY” was only inches away from me. No wonder i keep winning! Maybe with her help i guess! Till today,”HER” face still lingers in my mind! Luckily i am still alive to this very day to tell you this story of how luck suddenly change for me!

So if anyone of you guys and gals who wins in a gambling session at a chalet suddenly…..PLEASE LOOK BEHIND YOU TO KNOW WHO IS HELPING YOU….THE RED FACE LADY IN WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

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