Red House(Pasir Ris)

There was once, me and my friends went to a friend chalet, when it was around 3am, there was no shop or any things to do so we all agree to visit the famous red house. There is a believe that you cannot go into the red house wearing red, so we all got changed. One of my friend was driving so we all got into his car and he drove there..

When we reach there, it was very dark so we brought out the fire starter and put them at the middle of a bbq stick, lighted it and walk in……….. Just when we step in… all our hair stand as a cold gust of wind blew arcoss us…… Aiya we have forgotten. We can never enter the red house in odd numbers….(another believe) but there is 7 of us.. but we did’nt realise that bad things will happen……. Just when we make our next step, the fire starter fall off from the bbq stick. Another cold gust wind blew at us again…. but since we are here so we want to go in no matter what.

We walk through the whole house and found out that it was some thing like a holiday chalet before………. Theres a slide behind the holiday house, about 3 toilets as it was too dark to see a thing……. When we reach there, we saw a child falling from the broken slide and broke his head…… His head fall on the ground with blood covering the whole ground, so we look again but this time round nothing was seen…………. Then the toilet next to it has a toilet bowl and we saw a head flyin out of it………..We all ran out………. There was another toilet at the entrance of the red house. We saw a white figure lookin into the mirror and it break into pieces…. After that, we all ran with all our might to the car and drove off.

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