NTUC Pasir Ris Resort Pontianak

It all happened three years ago. End of the year, my form teacher decided to have a class gathering for three days two nights at the NTUC Pasir Ris Resort.

The first time i step into the building at about 4.00pm, i can feel that the place is some sort of “dirty”. Our room is at the Jasmine building. We were having a great day as before. During evening, some of them went to buy food, bathing, watching & other stuff. At about 9.30pm Mr Azlan our form teacher arrive with his so called steady, Ms Arfah. Since everyone could not sleep, we decided to go for bowling. And went back to our room at 1.00am.

The next day, same thing that we do. But this time Ms Arfah & the girls have to prepare for the barbecue food while the guys follow Mr Azlan to the mangrove swamp. After the barbecue, all of us follow Mr Azlan to the end of the barbecue pit somewhere opposite site of the mangrove swamp. Everyone sit in a circle with candle at the centre of us. He later started telling ghost stories. I was sitting facing towards the mangrove swamp. Then i realised that there’s a white figure staring hard at me. I’m not really sure if it is or not. So i look at it hardly. Everyone didn’t realised it accept me so i told Mr Azlan about it. When they look at that thing, few of my friends go back to the room together followed by us.

From that day we stop the gathering at the NTUC PASIR RIS RESORT.

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