Exorcism Of A Possessed Girl

The location? Pasir Ris. Exactly where? At NTUC Resort.. When? Last year, JUNE 2007. What happened? K here’s the story…It was my cousin’s birthday.. She had turned 21 then. As usual, there was the cake, presents, music, family and friends. Then at night was the barbecue. At the end of the day, there was only my family and my aunt’s family left, with my cousin and a few of her friends. The time, I clearly remember, was around 3 a.m. My cousin and her friends had gone to a pub nearby. Inside the chalet were my 3 other cousins, my aunt and uncle, my parents and I. The adults were talking away, about..well..adult stuff. We four teenagers were playin cards. *Tick tock tick tock…* The clock went…When suddenly…*thump thump* Came a knock on the front door. We thought it was my cousin and her friends. But when my uncle checked thru the peephole, it was a boy, about 13 years old. My uncle opened the door.

“Uncle, help. My friend .. there’s something wrong with her .. I think she is possessed .. ” The boy was fumbling, talking in Malay. We were startled. But my uncle calmly asked, ” Where is she?” The boy then proceeded to direct the way to the chalet where the girl was. My aunt, my cousins and I followed, while my parents stayed in the room.

It turned out that the boy had asked for help from a group of malay uncles and aunties nearby who looked pious, but they did not offer any help. How nice.

We reached the chalet. When I looked inside…there were about 7 ppl. 4 of them looked younger than me, 2 looked around 20+. And 1 girl was.. lying on a mattress on the floor. And she was spitting words in Malay like “Let go of me!!” “Stupid people!!” I was speechless. There were dark rings under her eyes, her face was pale, and she was kickin her legs, punching the air. 4 of her friends were holding her down.

I recognised her. When I was going into my chalet at about 7+ p.m, she was laughing heartily with two of the boys there. The boys were chasing her, and she was laughing … Her laughter was something like, you know, pontianak’s laughter. ‘Ekekekkekekeke…’ .. And she was wearing skimpy clothes.

My uncle went in the chalet, followed by my aunt and cousins. I stood near the door, as there was no space to go in. The girl was still spitting out words and kickin and punching at her friends. My uncle squatted down near her, and asked one of her friends to bring a toothbrush, to put between her teeth so she wouldn’t bite her tongue. My uncle then asked for a glass of plain water. He recited some prayers into the glass, he flicked some of it onto the girl’s face.

“ARGHHHH!!!” Screamed a dark, harsh voice out of nowhere. My uncle then asked in Malay, “In the name of Allah, who are you! Why are you in this girl’s body!” And with that, my uncle sprinkled some water on the girl’s face again. She was still punching and kicking. Suddenly my uncle went all quiet, and nodding his head, not doing anything else. It was as though someone was talking to him. He nodded, and shook his head a few times then removed the toothbrush from the girl’s mouth before he finally spoke again.

“U two, stop holding her legs. Stand aside.” He told the two friends who was holding the girl’s legs. They obediently obliged. The girl was staring at my uncle with that strange look at her face.. She had stop kicking and punching, but she was smiling so eeriely and my uncle..And suddenly her eyes looked at me. Directly at me. And her smile grew wider. My uncle turned around to look at me, who was already trembling a bit. Then my uncle spoke.

“Iin, don’t stand at the door. Move aside.” His face and tone were very serious as he said it. Without questioning, I moved to the side. Then my uncle turned his head back to the girl. She was still staring at me, with that wide smile..

Mu uncle muttered a prayer into the glass of water again and spread the whole of the girl’s face with water. She was staring at me, her eyes not moving at all. My uncle continued to spread water on her face for 2 more times, and at the third time, a harsh laughter rang across the room “HAHHHAHH…” Then the girl closed her eyes and went limp. I felt a gush of wind rush past me and through the door. The hair on my nape and arms stood at their ends.

The girl woke up a few minutes later, dazed. Her friends thanked my uncle profusely.

Back at our chalet, my uncle told the story. The spirit had talked to him. It was a male spirit. It turned out that the spirit had dwelled near a tree where the girl and the two boys were playing, at around the time I saw them, at 7+ p.m. She was making too much noise, the spirit had said. And since she was having her menses and was very vulnerable to being possessed, the spirit entered her body. But lucky for her, the spirit was not a bad one. If it had wanted, it could have stayed in her body. The spirit just wanted to disturb her.

Then my cousin asked,” Why couldnt the two friends hold her legs?” My uncle answered that the spirits leave the body though the foot, and in the process of leaving the body, the spirit could accidentally enter one of the other two’s body. We nodded, understood it. Then I asked, “Why did u ask me to stand aside?” My uncle’s answer made my goosebumps stand.

“It wanted to leave through the door, but you were standing there. It said that it doesn’t mind if you stood there, so that it could enter your body, because YOU LOOK LIKE ITS EX-GIRLFRIEND.”

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