Dancing Ghost

This scary incident happened 10 years ago when we had our class chalet at NTUC Pasir Ris. There were 8 guys and 3 girls including myself. About 11:30pm, one of the guys suggested that we all take a walk to the end of Pasir Ris. Most of us are keen but the rest are lazy and prefer to stay and watch TV. In the end, I decided to join 5 boys for the walk. We slowly walked right to the end of Pasir Ris. Now, Aloha Government Resort is occupying the site. Anyway, we all decided to sit on the water breaker and decided to talk about exams and teachers. Without realising it, we ended up talking about ghost. After quite sometime, I had an uneasy feeling that someone is watching us. Therefore, I turned around and my eyes was fixed to something in between the bushes. And another strange thing is that the thing seems to be swaying from left to right. I slowly took out my glasses from my pocket to have a clearer look. It was really shocking coz that thing is actually a “pocong”. A “pocong” is a dead person whose body is wrapped in white shroud/cloth before they are being buried in accordance to Islamic funeral rites. People believed that before the body is being buried, all the strings that is used to tie the shroud together should be untied. Failure to do so, may result the deceased to rise from the dead and wander around.

Anyway, I was so shocked and tried to alarm the classmate next to me as all our backs are facing this “pocong”. Luckily, the guy next to me realised that I was trying to say something. When he looked at the direction that I was staring, he immediately shouted “Ghost, ah!” That alerted everyone and they saw the “pocong” too. We all jumped down from the water breaker and ran as fast as we could screaming at the top of our lungs. After some distance away, we bumped into a couple and told them what happened. Apparently, they were there right before us and when they saw the “pocong”, they walked away calmly.

We reached our chalet safely and none of us dared to go to sleep that night.

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