Knock Knock Anybody Home

I was at my uncle`s chalet gathering at this old Bungalow on Sentosa Island back in the late eighties. I was only about 12 years of age. The area looked rather deserted the moment we arrived and as me and my cousins played on the swing hanging from a very old fig tree, I could feel something wrong. Just as I noticed this change in atmosphere I sort of lost balance (or rather was made to lose it) and fell on my back. Luckily it was only a cut and slight bruise and nothing too serious. I felt a fear of the unknown the first time in my life.

Later that night I could not sleep, maybe it was the unfamiliar environment. Maybe it was the bruise on my back. But I knew well it was not any of those. The bungalow has a staircase going round it from the ground level up circling around passing all windows on the second level, which was where my room was. I was thinking, what happens if someone up to no good just walks up and pass our windows, into our rooms? The bungalow wasn`t fenced! A shiver came down my spine with that mere possibility.

Lying there for a few hours I still could not sleep. I changed position and faced the door instead, trying to brush my mind off the prospect of someone creepy creeping (pun intended) through my window. I wasn`t even half asleep when I heard a noise at the door. It sounded like someone (or something) was trying to open the door, turning the knob furiously. The door was locked from inside. It persisted for minutes and I could not believe what I am hearing and seeing. I awoken my dad and he heard it too. Then he walked to the door and the moment he was right next to it with his hand on the knob it was still turning furiously. We opened the door. But there wasn`t a single soul in sight. I thought, if it was a thief at least we could still have caught sight of him running away even if he was a champion sprinter. Yet there was no one, nothing in sight, nor could we hear any footsteps. A chill ran down my spine. Till today I still haven`t figured how and what it could be, other than something out of this world.

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