Blk 391 Tampines Avenue 7

When I was at the age of 5, I can still remember clearly of what happened to me and my family when we moved into a HDB flat located at Blk 391 Tampines Avenue 7…

Before my father bought the flat, we visited the place and the neighbours, who lived right beside us, to gain more information about the flat my father was about to buy as they had stayed in this place as soon as it was built. Which was about 16 yrs ago. My father thought that the place was good as it was located near a clinic, polyclinic, coffeeshop, community centre and also near Tampines Central where Tampines Mall is located. This place may sound very convenient with the surroundings but when you live right in it, you feel like you are living in hell.

After much consideration and my father made the deal to buy the flat. My father was satisfied but my mother was not. She did not think that the place was as good as my father thought it was, after hearing the horrible rumour our neighbours told my parents. The rumour was about a family 5 yrs ago when the whole family were murdered brutally by the breadwinner of the family, who went berserk after his business collapsed and the pressure given to him by his family. The breadwinner of the family killed his family all in one night when they were sleeping and sudden screams were heard yrs after the placed was cleaned. Thinking that the rumours were plain stupid, my father ignored them. But my mother regretted as she knew that the place had been vacant for about 5 yrs. My father tried to convince my mother that the place was clean. But he failed to do so one week after we moved in the house of horror…

One week living in that house brought pain and nightmares to my family, excluding my father, the breadwinner of the house. My sisters, mother and I were sick one week after moving in, practically sick everyday. During the sick days, all females in our family suffered and encountered many weird and unexplainable experiences. We experienced different kinds of encounters… My mother was pinned down to her bed in her dreams, which everything appeared red in colour, and she woke up abruptly at every moment when she pictured a flying green axe heading towards her. My mother always jump up on her bed, beads of perspiration forming on her head. She described her dreams to us every morning, almost crying. We were horrified and upset.

Scary things not only happened to my mother. Also to me and my sisters, one was 8yrs old, the other was an infant. I was almost turning 6 at that yr. Almost every night when I was sick, I woke up at 3.30am everytime without an alarm clock. It was like ‘auto-matic’, or should I say, something wants me to wake up. Right on the dot 3.30am, I would wake up and walk towards the door and go out to the living room. Although I know what I’m doing, I cannot stop myself, I feel like something is controlling me. Once I’m in the living room, I find myself fresh awake, then supernatural things will occur to me. It would be either I would see skeletons marching towards the kitchen or I would see the kitchen’s pots and pans, cutleries, utensils like knifes and forks flying around, as if someone was holding and using them. When these things occur, I could only stand right on the spot and watch the whole thing happen right before my eyes. And when it ends, I will wake up, finding myself in the living room, staring at empty space. I cry every night.

As times goes by, my infant sister grew and slept in cloth cradles where babies lie in them and sleep. One night, as usual, I woke up at 3.30am again, and I heard a malay woman singing. She sounded like a mother, singing to its child. I rubbed my eyes and saw a black figure next to my sister’s cradle, which was located in my room. The figure was reaching it’s long stretched arms into my sister’s cradle, I screamed at it, wanting it to get away from my sister. My screams alerted the black figure and it turned it’s body towards my bed, towards me. Although it was pitch black in my room, I could see the face of the black figure clearly, as if I’d seen her before. Her face wasn’t evil or scary, but sad. I thought that it could be the murdered wife of the family. Suddenly, the sun came out, I realised it was morning when I look out the window. When I turned back to face the figure, it completely disappeared in split second.

The very next day, my mother claimed that her terrifying nightmares had stopped when she dreamed last night that she spoke to a woman who died in a murder case, my mother said she consoled that woman in her dreams and then the woman was gone. I realised that the woman my mother dreamt of was the woman I saw in my room. She decided to leave our family alone after all. As for my elder sister, she had been possessed by the eldest child of the murdered family, but now that everything was cleared, our family lived through that flat for 5 whole years…

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