Blk 164 Toa Payoh Lorong 1

The story I’m going to tell you is true. It happened at my previous house at Blk 164 Toa Payoh Lorong 1. I shall not expose which floor I actually live so as not to frighten the existing occupant (just in case they read this site).

This incident happenned many years ago. When my parents got married, they bought this unit and a year later they got me. At first, no eerie incidents happened but the moment I was born… all the nightmares began!!

You see, my parents were young at that time (25 yrs old) & still working. So, most of the time they’re not at home. Sometimes they sleep at my grandparents house. But only after they got me, that they spend more time at home and my mum resigned from her work to take care of me full-time.

According to my mum, when they first brought me home from hospital, I refused to step into the house by crying hysterically as if noting there’s an existence in it..

But my parents ignore the signs, and brought me in without having a second thought. And on that night itself, something happened….

At around 3am, my parents who were sleeping in the living room with me, heard clinking sound of keys, as if worn around the waist of “somebody” in the kitchen toilet..

The sound grew louder and water gushing out from the tap in the toilet as if someone is relieving his “business” there. Then the toilet door was heard to be swing open and footsteps walking towards the living room!!

My mum and dad was terrified but keep cool and recite all the prayers they knew. My mum managed to keep her eyes slightly open because she was curious to see who it was. To her shocked, there… standing at the Kitchen door was this tall black guy staring down at her with his bright red eyes throughout the whole night & disappeared by dawn.

Due to that incident, my mum was down with fever for many days. Even by then, I was still crying day & night… even some of the neighbours popped in to ask what happen to me!! (I guess my cries have cause some inconveniences in their sleep!!)

My mum told them she do not know why I kept crying. Then, came the revealation of the strange happenings in the house…

According to one of the neighbours, a Chinese family ever reside here and the grandfather committed suicide by hanging himself in the room (which is my room, no wonder!). They moved out of that unit because one of the grandchild actually saw their grandfather walking IN the kitchen wall…

That explains why during my primary school days I always wonder why there is a kind of nudge (a metal hook) at the ceiling in my room… came to think about it maybe… that is the place where he hangs himself!! (Err, scary man..) Well, this is not all… wait till you hear what my dad encounters!!

One night, my mom & dad quarrelled over some small matter. My mum got so angry, she picked me up & went to her parents’ house leaving my dad alone at home.

Everthing seems ok but not when it was about 12 midnight.. My dad was sleeping in my room (you know, that rooomm!), and he heard someone in the kitchen washing dishes.. He thought it was my mum (his wife) but then he recalled, no, it was not his wife because his wife has left earlier on… Who is this in the kitchen??

His heart beats faster… he tried to console himself that it was his imagination but no, he heard footsteps coming towards the room… Guess what he saw?? A lady who exactly looked like my mum (his wife)!! He trembles, close his eyes and began to recite prayers. At that moment he can feel the cold smooth hand touching his own hands and caressing him, he then feel “her” lying down beside him..

Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe it. Fancy having a ghost sleeping beside you.. that must be a “gatal” (means mischieveous) ghost!! But that’s the truth.. My dad tried to reach for the “Surah Yassin” that is placed above the bed head but seems that his hands got numb and heavier everytime he tried to stretch it further… (Must be that ghost trying to prevent him from doing so!!)

So, you know what happened next? The ghost hugged my poor dad throughout the whole night and left by dawn. And the moment she left, my dad quickly ride on his bike and find my mum at his in-law’s house and told her the whole story. My mum laughed at him and even joke, why didn’t he make love to that ghost?? But my dad was too shocked and trembled that he stayed dumb the whole day..

OK, you have heard about my dad encounters.. now it is my own encounter..

There were always these 3 things that disturbed me throughout my 20 years living in that room. (Practically, it happens every night without failed)

1) My bed will suddenly shake in the middle of the night as if a vibrator has been placed underneath the bed (I ever braved myself up & peep around but no one was around to shake the bed),

2) I would encounter both legs to be cramped in the middle of the night (after reciting some prayers & rubbing the legs the cramped soothe away),

3) The scratching sound at the aluminium window as if done by a sharp long fingernails (Could it be the Pontianak?) Only God knows!!

And there is only one incident that I could not possibly forget throughout my whole life… it is the nightmare that I had!!

One night I dreamt that I was being dragged by a very strong force from my bed till my room door.

It seems so real because I’m sure that I feel that bed shaking again before being dragged down from the bed to the floor like a hostage..

I tried to shout for help but my voice couldn’t come out.. I feel choke and couldn’t breathe…I recite all the prayers I know… but still this “fellow” dragged me!

I was in a state of giving up but I tried again this time by shouting “ALLAH THE GREATEST, THE ALMIGHTY” 3 times!! And that “fellow” dropped me so hard to the floor exactly at my room door..

I suddenly woke up from my dream and thank God, I was still on my bed and not at the room door! I was so shaken by the dream (because it seems so real and I can actually feel my back aches) that I slept with my parents for the next 1 month.

Although I have stayed for 20 years, surprisingly I only get to hear the Pontianak humming a song once directly outside my window and that is good enough to make my hair stand.

Due to all this unwanted incidents, my parents had actually consult a bomoh to cleanse the house. It is found that the disturbance came from a ghost called “Jerangkong”… (maybe the unrest soul of that suicide grandfather)!!

Although the house has been cleanse and the ghost has been thrown to the nearby forest (behind Phillip factory near to Thompson), that “fellow” still come back to the house… except that he couldn’t enter due to the protection.

Well, funny but true… there’s one time we found a few baby footings in black shade on the upper part of our front door. And in my room itself, at the aluminium window there are four finger print (as if someone is trying to open the window from outside). Though we try to clean it off with detergent, it still can’t be erased… so we paint over it.

And throughout i stay there for 20 years, it was like hell… my parents always quarrelled with each other and they even come to a stage of divorce! Luckily, we are able to calm down and did more prayers together… This helps to improve the unexplained strange feelings surrounding the house…

It’s true, even when we’re performing prayers, we can even feel that something is watching us or surrounding us like a vulcan and its prey!!

We could no longer stand such things and finally agreed to buy this new house at Hougang and move out from that “hell” house!! I’ve stayed at this Hougang house for nearly 3 years and so far no weird incident happen.

Except that I miss the shaking of the bed, you know, fancy living with it for 20 years and suddenly it just gone with the wind.. it is a bit not the norm… (ha..haaa..haaa)

And the best part, the occupant who took over the unit after we left is a Chinese family. And it happens to be my younger brother’s primary-schoolmate.

Well, I wish them good luck… Hope nothing bad happen to them…

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