Death Of A Recruit – Story 3

I was a recruit in Pulau Tekong back in 1994.

It was during preparation for my BMT Pass-out parade, I was one of the few ‘volunteers’ who enter the infamous Charlie Company Bunk with the 3rd door to help carry out some stores. The bunk was converted into a store room during that time.

The third ‘door’ was actually a thin wooden plank, painted blue at that time. It had no knobs, padlocked & not in good condition.

It is said that though the lights is off every night, it would be ‘on’ every morning. It is also reported that every morning recruits entering the store would find human hair on its floor.

This is my version of the story.

A platoon while on a route march realise at the end of the march that a certain recruit was missing. He was found dead, with the chankol blade embedded in his body.

The body was sent back to the mainland. But the next few nights those sleeping near the deceased recruit bed would be affected by strange happenings. Finally a Chinese priest was consulted. The priest said that the spirit of the recruit couldn’t follow the body back to Singapore, as it couldn’t cross the water, and after ‘investigations, suggested opening the 3rd door at the bunk, to ‘release’ his spirit.

The bunker in Pulau Tekong looked exactly like the bunks in BCTC Pasir Lada Camp.

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