Death Of A Recruit – 2

Being a army officer stationed in Pulau Tekong, I have to take special induction training courses in order to perform my duties as a platoon commander.

In one special session, which I unfortunately missed, but my fellow officers told me, it involved a Mindef Directives on not conducting training on Thursday nights. The reasons cited included an increased risk in accidents, injuries and incidents occurring in Thursday Trainings in the evening. The session included an actual case study of a mysterious death of an army recruit. The incident supposedly occurred in the 1970s.

Basically it involved the incident of a recruit who went missing halfway through a route march. First the platoon, then the company, then the camp, and eventually the entire island was mobilized to look for him. They found him the next day, with his body disemboweled, along the route of the route march.

I am aware there is a 3 door bunk in Charlie Company. I am not aware there is a connection with this story I just mentioned. I believe that the 3 door could have been built for a reason, whether paranormal or not.

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