Death Of A Recruit – 1

I heard this story from my army mates back in late 1980s, whom I believe may have belonged to the time when this event occurred. The story should have occurred just a few years before I heard about it.

It was said that in Pulau Tekong, there was a route march conducted for a group of army recruits. That day they rested somewhere, and when they were about to set off, 1 particular recruit said he needed to rest a while more, and asked the rest of his comrades to go ahead.

After awhile when that platoon realized that that recruit did not catch up with them, they went back to the place they left him. He wasn’t there.

Then they searched in vain, reported back to camp about the missing recruit, and the entire camp searched the island in vain.

The body was found after the 2nd or 3rd day, just below a tree, very near the place where they last left him. There was no wound to be found on him. He was lying facedown.

They did not know how he died, or why they couldn’t find him in the first place, so near their last resting place.

I did not know, nor am aware of any connection of my story to the 3rd door bunk, which I am not aware of.

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