Baby Searcher

When my mother was a young girl, she had to share a room with her many brothers and sisters. It was one of those old gigantic bedrooms and everyone slept on mattresses lay out on the floor.

One fateful night, everyone except my grandmother was already in bed. My grandmother was just outside washing dishes. My mother was trying to go to sleep when a noise in the room startled her. As she looked up to where the noise had come from, she saw a lady dresses in a long white gown hanging in mid air. The lady had no feet and her neck was cocked to one side as if she had been hung except there was no rope! Her face was very pale and her eyes were wide opened.

My mother turned to wake up my brother only to realise that he too was awake by the noise. My uncle, however, was too struck with fear to move or scream. My mother cried, “Nanay, Nanay! (Mother, mother!)”

By the time she got to the room the lady had disappeared. My grandmother said the lady was a ghost that haunts certain towns. She hung herself after she lost her child many, many years ago. Later, she came back as a ghost in search of her stolen child and would often appear in houses with young children.

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