Colonial Bungalow Haunting

My first freaky encounter was in the army. I was doing guard duty in Nee Soon Camp, and we have to walk pass the White House (old Officers Mess). You have to go up this stupid hill, to the white house (colonial bungalow) to the range. This range happens to be parallel to express way. We were swinging our rifles and chit chatting, talking like how the white house was supposedly haunted. Then our batons accidentally hit a tree, and a lot of bats flew out. We were a bit freaked out. The bats didn’t hit us.

As we walk up, my comrade told me that he die, die must check the ghost house (white house.) so I said okay he go check it out, and I wait in the courtyard. He entered one side. He went up the stairs, he waved at me, and I waved back. He came down, and he said he wants to go to the back. Then I saw him go round the corner, and then there was this lady who floated up and follows him round the corner. I was freaked out and I went like “wait? cannot be, cannot be.”

Then I heard him calling me from the back. So I went round and asked “Adrian, why you call me?” then he said he didn’t call me. Then I turned around and saw the lady waving at me like saying “Hi, have a nice day”

I went back to the bunk and sleep, even though I was on duty. Then the locker next to me starts vibrating. We all got up, and someone called the Sgt on duty. Nobody dared to open it

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