Mirror On The Wall

This is another story that i have heard from my army friend. It happens inside my army camp. So here it goes…

My army camp was quite old i supposed. Walls with paint peeling off, damaged windows, all you can imagine. But this story about a particular bunk really turns up the eerieness.

This particular bunk was in a old block. It was just right for 10 person to sleep in it. Everything was ok until something happen to a soldier.

That night was a friday night, some of the guys are on long weekend so they leave early, leaving those with guard duties around. In the end, only 3 guys is left inside the bunk. The three guys, Pete, Beng and Tan (not their real names) then watch tv and slept rather early as they have nothing better to do.

However, in the midst of the night, Pete woke up and went to the toilet. It was something he saw inside the toilet that he rush back to the bunk awaking his buddies. “Hey beng, tan! Wake up quick!” The other two guys was startled by Pete sudden outburst. They unwillingly climb out of bed and ask him whats wrong in the middle of the night. “Something… Something… in the mirror, i … i saw it!” Pete stumbled out his words. However, those words really make the other two scared. “Lets just ignore it Pete. We just locked out the bunk and go back to sleep, ok?” said Tan, being the most calm among the trio. The other two agrees. So they all went to bed and prayed hard. An hour past, Beng was sound alseep when he heard a scream. He jumped out of bed and saw Tan stood there, rooted to the ground. Beng was petrified by what he saw when he saw Pete hanged himself on the toggle rope to the top frame of the door, with his tongue sticking out. Both guys was almost drive insane by what they seen…

Though i doubted this story, i have also heard from many people about seeing unexplainable things and heard many stories about this bunk. From what i know, this bunk is being locked and when one peered inside, there be many talismen and paper charms pasted and strewn all over the walls of this room. Its sure is a eerie place to sleep. But one definitely is curious about what the guy saw in the mirror. But i know “IT” was the last thing he see.

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