Demon Of Singapore

I guess u all have heard of old changi hospital. All i can say is that it is one screwed up place due to it being so scary.

My story begins at some chalet next to old changi hospital. I and a group of friends were staying there one night. We were bored so we went to take a walk there and there, we saw a cult doing some of their weird things and i even saw a demonic friend coming out of the floor. I even took a photograph without recognising it. I only found out when my mum developed the film but there in the picture were the occult ppl, the demon was missing, but the floor was scored til today. If anyone dares to venture into the further premises of the hospital.

Another thing which happen when i was alone. There was that the place would not allow you to leave if you venture too deep in. I was pretty daring then and when i saw a staircase being blocked with planks, i knew i had to venture in. I broke some of the planks off and i squeezed through it and then i climbed up and reached a hallway which was shaped as a square but with the centre being empty which meant you could look through the floor and see the first floor of the place. I went up to the top floor and walked one big round and then continued on the other floors until i reached the second floor. I ran round and round but some how whenever i reached the staircase and walked down it, i would once again be on the second floor. I was so scared that i prayed and then i jumped out of the floor and ran away and mine you this was in the day.

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