Di Zhang Wang Pu Sa

This is a true story about a guy named Ah Wang. He possessed a happy-go-lucky character, willingness to help people, etc. Ah Wang life has been normal since the day he was born, nothing unusual happened to him. But there is one unusual interest in him. He likes to listen to Buddhist monks chanting scriptures and he can remember the whole script very well without referring to the scriptures. He was brought up in a Buddhist family and therefore by nature, he got to listen to those Buddhist chanting since he was a baby. I was told that he likes to cry a lot when he was a baby and it was unstoppable no matter how hard his parents tried to sayang him. But, surprisingly, he would stop crying just immediately whenever he heard the Buddhist chanting. As when he grew older, he can chant those guan yin jin and rulai jin and some other without need to refer Buddhist scripts. Well, although his studies didn’t really excel, he flunk his PSLE and only got into ITE, but he just got an extremely good memory for memorizing those Buddhist scripts.

Well, after his ITE, he proceeds to serve his national service and he was very lucky for posted to serve in civil defense force. Due to his friendly nature, he got to know many good buddies inside the force. In fact, most of his soul mates in the force were Malay and Indians and not many Chinese. If our government ever wanted an ambassador for racial harmony, I think it was not too exaggerate to promote Ah Wang as one because he can even speak their languages very well.

Now, does u remember the Chinese New Year and the Malay Hari Raya fell just 2 days apart? Well Ah Wang was very hyper during that period because he was not only going to visit his Chinese friends for the New Year; he was also invited by his Malay buddies for the Hari Raya Feasts.

After the festive season, Ah Wang took a sudden and drastic changed. He seems to lose mood in everything he does, he don’t have appetite for food, don’t have that hype in him anymore. People around him noticed it, and were concerned about him, but no one know why. Soon, he starts to fall sick and his fever never stopped completely. It would recover for awhile, but then the fever will come back again. One night, when everyone wa sleeping soundly in their bed, Ah Wang woke up, went straight and squeezes himself to sleep in between his mom and dad. The next morning, he was questioned why he does that and his replied was SCARED!!!!

By now, I think some of u might be able to guess what could have happened to him. Was that he has interfered with something “dirty”? Well Ah Wangâ??s parents also think the same, so they decided to consult a medium. Ah Wangâ??s family went to visit a temple and was seen by dee ya pek. Ah Wang was questioned by dee ya pek in a strict and stern manner for the reason he felt SCARED. Ah Wang tried to reply but he didn’t, as if something was stopping him from saying. dee ya pek even use his chain to frighten Ah Wang, but to no avail. Ah Wang didn’t say anything that night and the conclusion for that night was firmed from dee ya pek that Ah Wang has been interfering with something “dirty”, but he was not possessed for now. Also some forces was blocking dee ya pek from checking further. As such, dee ya pek need to go back to the underworld to seek assistance from his superior. In the meantime he issued and burnt a talisman in a glass of plain water for Ah Wang to drink.

For the next few days, Ah Wang seem to recover a bit, he start to find some enthusiasts in what he has been doing, but it doesn’t last too long before his condition worsens, and he kept complaining that he was thirsty and that he suddenly start drinking a lot of sweet stuffs. His parents were worried and sent him to a hospital. Ah Wang’s parents were somehow considered quite well-to-be at that time, they requested for a specialist to check on Ah Wang, but nothing was found by the specialist. All he could said was “dun worry, is not serious. Anyway Ah Wang was warded in the hospital for further observation. And at the same time, Ah Wang’s parents decided to go visit and consult the same medium again. This time, the dua ya pek was invited.

Continuing from the previous investigation, the first comment from dua ya pek was “tai zi dua tiao liao” (the problem is big). Dua ya pek found out that Ah Wang had eaten somethingâ??unclean’, and the matter had since provoked an evil spirit. It was all about a bun that Ah Wang has eaten. At that moment, everyone around were confused. Dua ya pek had also said that he had little power to interfere the issue as fate has decrees so. But he was touched by the sincerity of Ah Wang’s parents so he suggested a solution. He asked Ah Wang’s parent to ask sincerely from the Jade Emperor to grant Ah Wang to be a â??god sonâ? of the deity dua ya pek. This was to allow dua ya pek to keep a close lookout for him in the pretext that he is his â??god sonâ?. At the same time, Ah Wang was admitted to ICU (intensive care unit) the doctor say his blood sugar suddenly shoot up, Ah Wang got no diabetes problem, and his blood sugar level was shot up to abnormal level suddenly. Also, the doctor said he had never seen this and it was very unusual. The doctor went to do research for assistance locally and overseas, but none of the professional can give him an answer to this problem, It could be due to the delay and a weak body from a sick young man. Ah Wang’s body cannot take the delirious battle anymore and decided to give way…..he passed away!!

He was given a proper burial ceremony…..but Ah Wang’s parents were very upset, they felt that they have done everything, from begging from the Jade Emperor to asking for help from dua ya & dee ya pek. He was such a kind and young fellow, why let him go just like that. They decided to ask dua ya pek for an answer…

Dua ya pek was invited and he was prepared to give an answer to the doubtful parents of Ah Wang. The truth of the whole incident has come to light. Dua ya pek said he didn’t lose the battle; neither did the evil wins the battle. It was Ah Wang that gave up himself. That evil spirit was more than just a spirit. It considered a demon, very powerful demon. The reason why Ah Wang indirectly has come to meet in contact with this demon was because:

Still remember the New Year celebration, he was invited over to his Malay friend’s house and he had eaten some buns during the parties. We were told by dua ya pek that a evil bomboh was practising some demonic witchcraft with offerings made to the demon. Well, after the ceremony ended, the evil bomboh just left and didn’t clear up, so the demon was still there including the offering items. Then someone went and collected the offerings, and used it to make food for sale in the market. The Malay friend of Ah Wang happened to be one of the buyers who bought the food, and Ah Wang ate it unknowingly. Now that explained why Ah Wang took a drastic change after the Festive Season. The demon in him was actually trying to control Ah Wang and wanted to make Ah Wang his follower. But Ah Wang resisted. The demon refused to let go of Ah Wang and therefore the battle between evil and righteous with dua ya pek in him continue. Ah Wang decided to give up on himself and so he passed away. Dua ya pek did not stop him from making that decision because he knew Ah Wang has another task to do.

Chinese, especially the Taoist believed that the soul of the deceased would go back to visit his late family after the seven days from the day he passed away. Ah Wang was not exempted from this and his mum dreamt of him covered in bright golden rays. He told his mum not to worry, and must take care of herself. He also said not to blame dua ya pek or anyone for the mishap, the decision was his and that he had also chosen not to be reincarnated again. The dream then ended here. Now Ah Wang mother woke up confused. She was confused that why his son had chosen not to be reincarnated or was it he cannot be reincarnated due to the incident. She was very worry and angry because she believed that her son was a good boy and should not be treated that way. So she went back to the temple again. Again dua ya pek was invited.

Dua ya pek burst out laughing after hearing his mother’s dream. This is what dua ya pek said to Ah Wang’s mother, he said “Ah Wang has became a follower of Lord Di ZhangWang PuSa å?°è?ç??菩萨, he is now appointed to do chanting for those spirits suffering in the hell. Why he was selected is because he likes to listen to those Buddhist scriptures and can memorize them very well since he was alive. In fact, it is a privilege for him to choose for himself not to go through the humanistic life again. Just like the Lord Di ZhangWang PuSa å?°è?ç??菩萨, he chose not to live in the comfort of heaven but to stay in hell to chant for those spirits”. Dua ya pek also said that Ah Wang was selected because Di ZhangWang PuSa å?°è?ç??菩萨 seeing that he had good fate with the “Fo”(Buddha) and thus had asked Ah Wang whether if he keen to be a follower of his by helping the spirits in the hell. That was why Ah Wang eventually gave up on himself instead of giving up to the demon. Dua ya pek has also said that this incident has turned out to be a blessing in disguise which is why when he was first assigned to the job he commented that “tai zi dua tiao”(big problem) because he already knew that the matter was fated. And that dua ya pek asked Ah Wang parents not to be sad and should be proud of him for the decision he had made. At this moment, every helpers present at the scene was also touched and weep softly by the story.

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