A Greedy Contractor

There was a lucky man born in a very well structured family. He was given with all the material he needed in his education when he was a child. He holds many degrees and needless to say, he is a quality man for much higher profile appointment. Later in his day, he became a CEO in charge in a very reputable local bank. This man was Mark. Mark was in his 50s and all his sibling and family are like gifted. They live in big houses and they never felt lacking of anything since young. Although they are rich, but they never have to pay for their expensive educational expenses in University like Oxford or Cambridge because they were all national scholars. They got the best education, rich knowledge and a wonderful life. In fact, they have a very wonderful life partly because they have a very warm hearted mother that was not only providing them their need, she also provide needs, happiness and support to those that are less fortunate selflessly. And she always stressed to her children that they should not forgotten to render help to those needy that are less fortunate.

Mark brought a new terrace house and he planned to rebuild and refurbish the house. He got an interior designer to design and also to get a builder to manage the project. Through a project manager in his bank, Mark got to know a contractor name Spencer whom had done numerous upgrading projects for the bank. Mark trusted his ability and quality of work and thus awards him the job for the rebuilding of his new home.

The new home was tastefully done in the hand of the 2 professionals, the designer and the builder. Mark was extremely satisfied with Spencer’s responsible attitude. Mark’s sibling were also fond with Spencer quality service and unquestionable, they each engaged him to do all the jobs for their houses. Big or small, Spencer took it all.

The friendship between Mark and Spencer were getting closer by the days. They were seen like figure and shadow even after he finished off the job with Mark’s home. It was also partly because of Spencer shallow knowledge in ‘fengshui’ geomancy that inspired Mark interest to learn and find out more in that area from him. Mark was not only ignorance with the Chinese geomancy, he is also lacking of knowledge in human psychology and nature. Spencer sees the weakness side of Mark and his rich sibling families. He started to plan something out from the

rich families by taking the advantage of being their contractor, a close friend of Mark and a consultant in Chinese geomancy.

Mark has hundred percent trusts in Spencer. As a contractor to his home, Spencer has full access right to his home anytime to do some fixing job. Thus, Spencer took the opportunity to plant spell in Mark’s family. Not long after a spell was done, something unusual would happened to his new home. Eventually, Mark will seek advice from his ‘consultant’ Spencer for advice. And everytime, the solution was simple, pay. From paying Taoist priest to perform ritual to paying expensive displayed crystal for his new home. All would be arranged by Spencer and would not be questioned. As far as Mark is concerned, money is not an issue, he just wants the problem to be fixed. Needless to say, the problems were fixed after payment since the problem was planned by Spencer. However, Spencer deems the opportunity cannot be missed. He plans for more problems to gain more money out from Mark. Very soon, Spencer grew from a contractor who was used to drive only a lorry to a high class boss driving a Mercedes. Now, Mark alone is not enough to feed his luxury lifestyle. Spencer plans to plant spell in Mark’s sibling home. The Mark was soon deem as his ‘God Of Fortune’ in Spencer eyes and Mark’s sibling were soon became his ATM.

Mark’s mother was in her mid 70 but she looks younger than her age and she was very healthy compared to many folks at her age. One can really see the result of bird’s nest and quality life in her radiant face. Mark’s mother stays with her daughter but she would moved around to her children’s home in the weekend. She met Spencer in one of the family party and knew him as a contractor whom done jobs for her children.

Some time in the seven lunar month of 2001, Mark’s mother started to fall ill suddenly. She had since losing her appetite and weight. She grew weaker by the days and had also consulted several doctors but it just doesn’t work. Her sudden illness hit real hard to her family, friends and relatives because they never seen her in that bad shape before. Mark’s mother was very active once before, in life or charitable works. She never forgets those that are less fortunate and needed help. Once a month, she will visit houses with living of only single old folks. She bought bags of rice and some household groceries for them. That’s how she past most of her meaningful time. Although she was unwell for now, she would still force herself to make the delivery to the folks she deem friends. During one of her monthly visit to one of a HDB flat, while waiting for the elevator in a quiet corridor with her maid beside her, she saw a Chinese woman from the other end of the corridor walking toward them. Mark’s mother did not take much notice of that woman at first. But, in no time, the woman whom was last seen in the end of the corridor was now standing just beside her on her right. Mark’s mother is a regular visitor to this particular block since many years ago and she knew many folks living there. Thus, Mark’s mother was curious to find out who that woman was. She lifts up her head to look and surprisingly she saw an ordinary looking woman holding something look unordinary in her hand. She saw her holding a bundle of neatly tied incense paper with a small cut-out green paper in human shape stick upright on it. The woman looked emotionless. They stood side by side silently until the elevator arrived shortly. Mark’s mother felt a sudden trembling the moment when all the 3 step into the elevator. Although Mark’s mother is not a religious person, she had seen the incense paper when she was living in the Chinese kampong when she was younger and she knew it is very unusual to see a cut-out paper in human shape.

What she saw that day was a turning point to a woman who is already at the age of seventy something. Mark’s mother was badly ill the next day. So bad that her body was powerless. Unable to even seat up on the bed on her own. Her children quickly sent her to the hospital. Nothing unusual was found on her. All the doctor knew was, she is old and thus it is one of the many aging illnesses. As usual, Mark seek Spencer for advice and had even paid him to engage some religion masters to perform ritual for his mother hoping that she could be recovered. I believed that all Spencer wanted was just to make some money out from some problems he planned for the Mark’s family and he would never wanted to harm the old woman to this extend. However, some time a joker’s stunt can goes wrong.

Mark’s mother condition was getting from bad to worst. At one stage, the children were even told by the doctor that his mother day is numbered. And that they have to be prepared.

Maybe the Heaven has eyes or maybe because Mark’s mother was always helping people and therefore the heaven wants to save her and her family out of this trouble. One morning, Mark dreamt of his mother while she was still fighting for her life in the ICU. He dreamt of her telling him to look for one of his relative whom knows and is still in contact with a family who was then a kampong neighbour of her and is now running a Taoist temple living in Pasir Ris. In the dream, to make sure that time would not be wasted and that Mark could find the right temple, Mark could remember very clearly that his mother was then specifically instructed that it is a ‘yim temple’ and is related to Dua Ya Pek.

Soon, Mark found our temple with the help of one of his relative. Mark came to our temple located in a humble HDB estate with his sibling in many big luxury cars. Looking at their successful status, I can believe that it might be the first time in their life visiting a HDB flat. Anyway, the temple was soon filled with peoples that were very helpless and peoples that were there to help. Without further hesitation, we quickly invite Dua Ya Pek to chair the session. Mark related the dream and what his mother had instructed to him to Dua Ya Pek. Although they don’t speak good hokkien to Dua Ya Pek but they must had certainly touched the heart of Dua Ya Pek. Because, looking at their respectable life status today, they were all kneeling down inside the temple voluntarily while talking to Ah Pek. They were not told to do that. They did that because they knew it could be the last chance for them to save their mother. They begged Ah Pek for help. If you were at the scene that time, I believe you would like me, a life lesson you wouldn’t forget. You would also feel how filial they were and that not everything can be bought by money no matter how rich you are. Well, if the degree of Mark’s mother charitable personality and kind hearted was not the main factor for saving her, than it should be the warm filiations the children had shown that moved the Dua Ya Pek.

Sometimes you heard people lamenting that they don’t get treated fairly enough by the heaven even though they had all done good things in their life. Well, sometimes, the good deeds that you had accumulated may just enough to repay the bad deeds you did now or in your previous life. I don’t know, but I believe that you would never know when you may need it most.

Needless to say, Mark’s mother possessed plentiful of good deeds. I could explain why she came to this unfortunate stage was, this is one of her ‘jie’ unlucky star she has to go through. However, in view of her tremendous good deeds, the Buddha ‘Ji Gong’ was at her bedside in the hospital spiritually to stop the brothers bull and horse from taking her soul to the hell. One of the other reasons was, she possessed strong resentment. She was prepared to die but not now. Not now when she knew her children, her family was spelled and is now at risk. Therefore, she begged the Buddha ‘Ji Gong’ to allow her to deliver dream to her children and lead them to expose the scam.

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Dua Ya Pek sent his ‘kun jiong’ army troop to investigate. And what they found out was, there were spelled talismans placed in several places in the house. Mark was told to turn his house upside down to search for the talisman. With some pointers by Dua Ya Pek, Mark found several talismans stickled behind the mirror inside the washroom. He then removed and took them all back to our temple. The spells were soon all fixed and Dua Ya Pek will due with the spell planter separately.

The warrant of arrest for Mark’s mother was never took place. Her social visit pass to stay on earth was extended by Jade Emperor. She can now Die Another Day. The doctors were shocked to see her recovered. Although she has since recovered but due to her age, she is now bedridden. I think that is not important to her, what is more important is at least her children are saved. Heaven is fair, since she had saved so many people, she should be given a chance to save her own children. Remember Mark’s relative that brought him to our temple? We were told that Mark’s mother was once picked for the 2nd prize from the NKF phone donation she made. The prize she won was diamonds and it worth S$70,000. Mark’s mother returned the prize and donate it all back to the NKF. We were told that she said she was not donating for the sake of winning the prize and that she was only interested to help the needy. Well, i think she really deserved the special treatment from the heaven.

Remember the ordinary woman carrying a bundle of incense paper with cut-out paper human shape Mark’s mother met in the lift lobby in the HDB flat? She raised up the issue again with Dua Ya Pek after her recovery and she was told that beside her maid, she was all alone.

As for Mark, i think this is a lesson he don’t learn it from the University and he learnt it in the most expensive way.

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