Was It Fate

In the year 1976, there was a woman gave birth with a Chinese baby boy with his own intestine cord going round to his own neck. This baby boy was too young to know anything unusual and he doesn’t know that he was almost unable to see the world if the cord around his neck pulled a little tighter. Well, very soon this baby boy grew from a boy to a teen. As a teen, he possess great interest with supernatural power like ghost and spiritual. He is a believer because he has a pair of ‘yin yang yen’ ??? eyes in nature that could see spiritual since he was 14 years old.

The first time he saw a spirit was in his secondary school days. It was during one of the school camping for a ECA he joined. That night, he was appointed to do guard duty which includes walking round the school compound with another mate of his at night. They were given one torch light each and the teacher in-charge specifically instructed and warned the two not to shine the torch higher than necessary in any circumstances. Also, move according to the route given, do not go to any other places unnecessarily. The boys moved out shortly after the briefing. They tried to stick to the route given but sometimes fate is out there to make fun of human. The sky started to pour unexpectedly. The pair had no choice but to run for cover. They hide in a corner of a back street in a building with a shelter above them behind a technical workshop of the school. The place was too small for anyone to squat down. The rain was pouring heavily onto the roof made of zinc sheet and it was noisy. Despite the noise from the rain, the young boy in my story heard a strange noise coming from one of the technical workshop near them. He heard ting, ting, ting knocking sound continuously. Who is the monkey working inside a school workshop at this hour? Out of curiosity, he starts shining his torch light beam right into the workshop from the glass panel of the window at where he was standing. The other boy followed suit even though he didn’t hear anything. They were trying to see something with their torch light beam but the glass panels of the window were tinted and therefore they can’t see anything inside. Although they were both standing under a shelter but the wind was very strong and expectedly they were both soak with the rain water. Since they are now wet, the young boy decided to walk to the front of the technical workshop to take shelter and at the same time to check the noise. Just when he was making a turn from the corner of where he is, he saw a bloody head hanging in mid-air floating across just right in front of him. The bloody head was really very bloody and it doesn’t even come with a neck at all. He was the only one who spotted this because the back street was narrow and therefore only one person is allowed to turn at a time and the other boy was behind him. He was caught with great surprise and he never thought that those bloody scenes we only saw on movie was actually real, it was very real at least for him this time. He got a great shock of what he had just seen. He can’t even walk steadily now. He was too young to accept the truth he just came across. His mate holds him back to the office and the teachers were alerted. Then his parents were alerted to bring him home. He fell ill very badly for the next few days due to shock. He took quite awhile to recover and only after his mum went to consult a medium near his home.

Although the young boy got a share of the bad experience, his interest with the spiritual would never decrease. In fact, it aroused him further to find out more information for self-protection. Some times in the early 90’s, this young boy got to know a group of members from a certain sect that practices ‘fa shu’ ?? on Thai amulets ???, talisman and keep baby ghost‘gui kia’ ??. The sect was not belongs to any temple. They were just a group of enthusiast with great interest in supernatural. He was aroused with their supernatural practice and thus he spent most of his teenage time with this group of peoples. He had witnessed them using self made talisman from their sect to stop rain, disperse the cloud in the sky and hold spirit in a toy doll personally. All these were really aroused his interest to learn and find out further. Soon, he was asked to join the group but there are some sect rules to follow. One of the rules was no one is allowed to terminate their bond once joined. Rules breaker will subject to be killed by thunder strike. This curse was made in an enrollment ceremony held by the master of the sect officially. Not long after he joined the sect, he was up for his national service. And due to his tight training in the army, he was too tired to join them for their session in the weekend and likewise unable to join them for social outing most of the time. Nevertheless, the master of the sect was very unhappy with him. In order to set an example to his other fellow mates in the sect and put the matter behind him, he decided to negotiate with his master. But the problem was too complex to be fixed. Well, he decided to call off the game.

This is what his master said to him before he walked out of the sect, ‘do you remember the curse you made when you first joined us?’

The young boy remember but he replied:‘oh, what did I said? I can’t remember anything, care to remind me?’

The master:‘Don’t you remember that you are not allowed to leave the sect and if you do, you will be strike by thunder ????!’

The young boy: ‘Oh is it? Thanks for your reminder, I will wait for you!’

It was not difficult to walk out of the circle but it was a big question mark on his head now to walk out of his cursed. He has personally witnessed the power of the group, he was just taking chances and hope he is exceptional and could be spared for his ill cursed he made in the enrollment ceremony. He hopes the day the curse he made would never come.

Boy grows to a man when he goes into the army. So, I shall start calling him a young man. He starts seeing spirits after since the first time he saw it in the school camp as I mentioned above. The next unforgettable incident was the first day in his army. He was assigned to a bunk and was given a metal cupboard to store his stuff. The minute he opened up the unlock cupboard, he saw a head inside it looking at him on a shelf. He expands his eyes wider with shock and bent down a little to take a closer look. The head disappeared before he could start screaming. He would also see spirit jumping down from the top of the building repeatedly while he was standing in the parade square in his camp. At night, he saw ‘soldiers’ marching on the parade square with uniform that only the soldier in the 60’s would worn. Well, if one would to see so much of all these funny things, anyone would get numb just like him. Anyway, there wasn’t any other exciting incident other than those I mentioned earlier and therefore I would not go into the detail of his army days.

Very soon, 2 years of his army life has gone. The young man is still living and breathing strongly. His heart would pump slightly faster every time he is outside and the sky is pouring with thunder storm. He hasn’t forgotten the curse he had made. Anyway, his interest in supernatural grew stronger as he grew older. He decided to find a job that is related to spiritual or supernatural. Ghostbuster? Na, not in Singapore. We have only PestBuster. Well, the closer he can think of is the makeup artist for the corpse, not in mediacorp but casket. He went for the audition and was selected to be a trainee. It was a few month course and the trainer was an ang moh ?? . It is true that human beings, despite of differences in religion belief cannot afford to be stubborn as far as spiritual thing is concerned. Even the ang moh is included. The first important reminder given by the ang moh to the trainees during the first lesson was, DO NOT GIVE ANY COMMENT OF THE CORPSE! THEY ARE DEAD BUT THE SOUL IS ALIVE!

Along the course, they were required to do practical training, which means apply their makeup skill to the real corpse. It was an exciting lesson for the young man. He was especially cheerful today. He and a small group of 3 other were assigned to a young lady corpse in a makeup room. I was told that the young lady die of an illness. Seeing someone who is young and is lying on the stainless steel tray on a trolley inside a cold mortuary room would certainly made any warm blooded being feel disheartening, let along is a young and pretty lady that has a flawless complexion that accompanied with only exposing her silky long fringe on the forehead. The young man was not exceptional. No, he didn’t dare to utter a single word out of his mouth which is now covered with a surgical mask. However, in his mind, he feels bad and pitiful for that young lady. He thought to himself, “ Damn, what a pity, let me turn you to a sleeping beauty then” Needless to say, he couldn’t be thinking that while looking at the ang moh right? So, his pityingly eyes were looking straight at the lady corpse. Maybe he possessed stronger ‘yin qi’ ?? by nature and therefore the message in his mind was eventually sent to the young lady corpse unknowingly. Now, she is eyeing on him.

The young man, like most of us enjoys watching medium in trance in temple activity. However coincidentally, he would interested with only the hell deity’s trance. And, he would only be a spectator. One evening, when he was walking home after his dinner from a hawker centre, he walked past a makeshift tent which was having a temple festival event held outdoor. He was especially attracted to the drum and gong beating sound of the event. He walked to the tent and to the section where hell deity Dua Ya Pek was in trance by a medium. He was just standing nearby to watch but not close to where the deity is. Surprisingly, a moment later, Dua Ya Pek called out for him through a helper of the temple. Why was that Dua Ya Pek called for him is because the deity could sensed that an unusual spirit is within the temple’s tent now and the spirit is following someone in there with a motive. As I did mentioned before, wandering spirits are everywhere and they are allowed to wander in anywhere they want as long as they doesn’t harm the human. That is why the 5 general armies are critical for a temple in-door or out-door is to protect the temple and the medium while in trance. Dua Ya Pek raised his concern in particular with this spirit in subject was because she possessed strong positive of damages to the person she is following. How the young man could be identified among so many on-lookers around by Dua Ya Pek temple helpers was because they were asked to come forward to identify themselves if they have been attending to any funeral service, visiting to hospital recently or seen any dead body lately. Needless to say, the young man falls on one of the category. He walked to the deity, identified himself and asked what was wrong with him for falling onto one of the category. Dua Ya Pek raised his abacus vertically up for resetting the abacus seeds and put it back down infront of him before he start his tick tick tack tack calculation on the abacus. Dua Ya Pek asked him why is it that he brings along a woman spirit with him. He was confused and he didn’t notice it that a woman spirit was following him and therefore he gave a negative answer to Dua Ya Pek. But ah pek was firmed and he asked the young man was it correct that he couldn’t sleep well at night after since he first seen the dead body. He recalled and it was certainly correct because he woke up every morning at about the same time at half-past three and he would never made himself go back to sleep again no matter how hard he tried. It had been awhile since his first practical lesson and as a result, he couldn’t concentrate in his lesson during the day, he seems to be losing weight and was weaker and eventually he was asked to quit the course. It was pitiful for him since the job is a passion to him. Anyway, that doesn’t matter anymore. He is more concerning with his health and life right now. I was told that the whole thing happened was because of his pitiful with the lady corpse and therefore the lady spirit want him to accompany her and be with her together. With a pair of black eyes bag like a panda bear, he asked Dua Ya Pek if anything he can do to get out of this.

Just like I said before, spirit and human are like beer and driving, they just cannot mix together. With the help of the hell deity Dua Ya Pek which is also his duty to help people like the young man who faced problem like this, the spirit was make to go with her new love. Dua Ya Pek is generous, he make sure she don’t sleep alone and therefore he prepared a human figure man made of paper and dedicated him to accompany her in the journey. That was to substitute the young man so that the lady spirit would not follow him again. Didn’t know Dua Ya Pek can also be a good matchmaker haha . Anyway, it was done in a very casual ceremony arranged after the temple festival. The young man soon found back the wonder of his bed again after the ritual. Now, he is looking for a new job.

The young man has a uncle that own a restaurant in town. The young man was asked to help out in the restaurant since they were short handed then. One of the employees there was from the mainland China and she was a medium in a temple in China before she left to work here. Can’t remember which deity she belongs to. However, she also possesses a pair of eyes that could see spirits just like the young man. No one knows about her religion background and she didn’t mention to anyone because she feed that most Singaporeans are well educated and therefore may not believe in spiritual. Her secret was only reveal unexpectedly during one of the pre-Chinese New Year celebration in the young man’s uncle house which is a landed house situated somewhere in the North East area.

Now, let me briefly tell you about his uncle background. His uncle is a successful businessman and he owns numerous businesses. He bought the landed house during the 90’s and had been living there with his family members for a few years. Although he is rich but he isn’t very happy because he has a daughter that is always fallen ill after since they moved into the new house. She would act strangely like talking and smiling to herself. Another word is something wrong with her brain lah. Money is not an object to a successful businessman like his uncle now. But, he never seems to find a good solution to solve his problem. Be it a good doctor for his daughter, a good master for his home geomancy or a malay bomoh, Chinese medium. Although they knew that there is a spirit living inside the house but there is little they can do. No one seems to really know the root of the problem.

Today, they have a company gathering event held in his uncle’s house. All the staffs were there including the China medium and the young man. These two were extremely closed tonight during the party and make several eyes contact with rising eyes brown. That was not because they were love in first sight, it was because they saw a spirit of a very old woman walking around in his uncle’s home. It was because of the same direction they both looking at the same time when the old woman appear that they only realized it that each were having a pair of ‘yin yang yen’ ??? third eyes. And soon, many things were revealed by the China medium. She told the young man that she had seen the same old woman wandering in his uncle’s home for years. The China medium is also strongly believed that his uncle’s daughter illness is cause by the spirit in their home. Because his uncle is enjoying the best of his luck now and therefore the spirit could only pick the weakest one to harm them. The last thing the China medium says to the young man is, ‘don’t try to be funny to her, she is not an ordinary spirit. And if you really want to do that, you are alone hor, don’t count me in.’

With a pair of ‘yin yang yen’ ??? 3rd eyes, a righteous mind and the fact that the lady who is suffering in silent is his cousin, the young man decided to deal with that old woman with some thai amulet skill he pick-up earlier. Let see what type of fight it can be between an old woman and a young man.

If most of the trained masters his uncle consulted earlier could not deal with the old woman spirit, it is obvious that he is not up to mark to deal with her without a protection shield. Going after her with only with his bare fists and some tattoo on the young man body would mean putting his own head on the chopping board for the old woman spirit to chop him up.

Remember the young man whom joined a sect which was practicing thai Buddhism with talisman during his teen? Yes, he picked up some skill from there and it might be useful for him to use it in the situation now. He decided to invite a deity into his body to negotiate with the old woman spirit. But he can’t do it without a helper. Therefore he pulled his brother along to assist him since the China medium was not interested.

Both brothers were certainly nervous but they would not retreat. They were prepared to face her with their brave heart and one motive, drive her out of that luxury home and leave his uncle’s family alone. It sure sounds simple enough but look complicated. Very soon, it comes the judgment day. They went and prepared some incense paper and some preying stuffs for the event before they setoff to his uncle’s house. Just when the young man stepped into his uncle’s house, he saw the old woman spirit standing at the entrance of the kitchen looking down at the floor inside the house. The young man doesn’t remember seeing her behaving the same when he first saw her the other day. It was like she could sense something unusual today. Could she be standing there waiting for him? Although he has not make any eyes contact with the old woman spirit so far, but the young man believed that she is now knew that he is there for her today because the young man carried a specially chanted talisman on him and is wrapped around on his body. So, she should have sense the existence of a powerful talisman by now. If she doesn’t, it could means the specially chanted talisman is just a piece of useless yellow cloth and I think the two young men lives would be numbered and soon the house would add 2 more new young man spirits.

The house is now left with 3 men and 1 soul. The young man walked to the old woman who was still looking down standing at the kitchen entrance and point straight at her and said, ’this is earth, you are not belongs to here and please leave. We can burn a lot of paper money to you if you agree.’ The old woman spirit did not reply. The young man expected this and therefore he prepared to invite his thai deity he used to worship – the koon peng master. He chanted something he used to learn from the sect and very soon the koon peng possessed onto his body furiously. This time, she starts to talk and they were exchanging words fiercely. I was told that both were very fierce and eventually fight was erupted with koon peng still possessed on the young man’s body. According to the young man’s brother who pieced the whole conversation of the event when he was the helper then says the old woman spirit claimed that the land is belong to her. She has been living on the land for few hundred years since she was born, grew up, married and even after she die. This piece of land leaves a lot of memories to her and she loves the land so much that she even sacrifices her chance for a reborn. However, she said she is the rightful owner of the land and would not leave. Also, she would not hesitate to curse whoever that occupied her land.

The mission was unsuccessful even with the help of koon peng. The China medium was right, this particular spirit was not an ordinary spirit and she was too powerful to be handled by any tom, dick and harry. The whole thing was called off after the house was looked assume like it was just being targeted by a suicide bomber, very messy. However, out of goodwill, they burned a lot of paper money to the old woman spirit before they leave hoping that the spirit would not be provoked for what had happened today. Not long after this, the young man’s uncle decided to move out of the house. Although this thing has been happening many years ago and his uncle has since moved out of the house for so many years but his daughter condition is still not up to a satisfactory level. It might be because it has been dragged for too long and thus it has caused permanent damaged to her brain. I don’t know, I’m not doctor Yeo.

Well, undeniably the China medium seems to have certain level of extraordinary power with her. Her judgment with the old woman spirit was quite accurate. However, she made another word of wisdom to the young man. She said she strongly believed that the young man would be a medium just like her in the near future. Also, he would be a medium of a hell deity. She said it was predestinated and therefore he might not be able to do much to change it. Hmmm…was that true?

Sometime in 1996, one of the young man’s sisters is moving into her new house soon and she wanted to offer a statue of God of Mercy in her new home. Because the sky doesn’t seen to look friendly and therefore the young man suggested giving her a lift to the shop located in the town area. Although he had tried pushing the car faster so that they could get to the destination before the dark cloud but it just doesn’t work. The sky started to pour heavily onto his car roof. He stops his car and allowed his sister to alight under a shelter linked to the building where the shop is located first before he drives to a nearest carpark to park his car. Because the sky was still pouring heavily and there is a distance to the building he want to go, he decided to park and cease his car engine and enjoy a cigarette outside under a shelter of a bus-stop. He was particularly concerned about the thunder and therefore the decision was made only after he was firmed that it was just rain and had no thunder storm. He drew out a packet of Marlboro menthol and a zippo lighter from his pocket, lift out a stick of cigarette and twist his thumb to flip the zippo to light the cigarette. Does it sound very man? Na, is an expensive and bad habit. As he was puffing away while waiting for the rain to slow down, suddenly he saw a flashing light appeared in the sky right infront of him. In his mind, he was praying hard that the day is not now. Also, he was considering whether should it be safer if he run back to his car and wait inside there. Just when he was about to toss the lighted cigarette away from his finger, a thunder at the speed of light came straight right to the direction he is standing now. Everything surrounding him seems to halt in that split second. His two big eyes were wide opened but his brain is emptied now. The only movement he had now in his body is his two eyes ball focusing at the tip of the thunder coming in his direction. It was real fast! Surprisingly, the thunder disappeared suddenly. He was shocked and even dropped his lighted cigarette he was holding with his fingers onto the wet floor. He stood there staring at the sky wondering was that final? Hey thunder, you missed me!!! And yeah, no second try ok??!!!

He walked to the shop to join his sister to help choose a Guan Yin statue for her. He didn’t tell her about what had happened and he tried to pretend that nothing was unusual. Perhaps the best way to conceal his feeling now was to try and embrace himself with the statue selection. He came across a pair of Dua Ya Pek and Dee Ya Pek statues while he was browsing through the shop. He found that the two statues were very lively done and decided to bring them home. It was mean for displaying in his room only.

At night, while he was recollecting the whole afternoon event to his brother inside their bedroom, suddenly he saw a man wearing a white robe standing just outside his room window along the corridor. (his home is those corridor unit) He took a closer look and realized that he was not any ordinary spirit but Dua Ya Pek. He quickly alerts his brother of what he saw. He then ran into the kitchen to hide. His mother feels suspicious with his sudden appearance in the kitchen and questioned him. He told his mother of what he just saw and was nagged for buying the statues with no reason and now inviting spirit into their home. At this point, although he did not elaborate the detail to me, I believed he should be thinking that his room is more peaceful now than staying in the kitchen to be nagged by his mother. And yes, Dua Ya Pek was there to look for him. Reason is very simple, the young man had been chosen by Dua Ya Pek to be his medium. Naturally, the young man refused. His parents were also strongly objected the idea. They were just a simple and ordinary family and they were not prepared to use their home for used as a temple. Only later after they considered deliberatively that the live of the young man was saved by Dua Ya Pek twice before they agreed to allowed him to perform charitable service as a medium for Dua Ya Pek and using the family home for used as a temple. The first time he was saved by Dua Ya Pek was when he is a baby with his intestine cord going around the baby neck. The second was the thunder strike. The thunder was really going after the young man that day but was blocked by Dua Ya Pek. The two incidents were recollected by Dua Ya Pek to his family. No one could have known clearly. Therefore they were convinced.

The whole story above is true and is a masterpiece from my temple. The young man in my story is not anyone but the main medium of our temple Dua Ya Tua. All the mediums are required to start from a heavenly deity before they are allowed to invite a hell deity. That is a standard procedure as far as the rule is concerned. However, our temple medium is exceptional. Dua Ya Pek is his master, not a heavenly deity. So far, i think he is the only one exceptional.

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