My Experiences

Experience 1:

That day i was really tired and i was sleeping in my bed. Suddenly i feel my bed moving (Like last time when i felt someone kneeling on my bed and jumping). But i chose to ignore it and pretend nothing happen. That night, I had this dream. I dreamt that i was awaken by knocking and the moving of my bed. So i got really scared and i tried to yell for my mum. But somehow, no voice came out. I tried to get up and go out of my room to look for my mum, but i was really dizzy and i could barely open my eyes. The room was spinning and the weird thing is, the moment i reach my door, i will suddenly ‘wake up’ on my bed. and the cycle repeat itself for a few times.

Like i tried to run to the door -> reach the door-> wake up on bed.

By that time i was really really terrified. And when i finally ‘really’ wake up, i bursted out crying and i realise it was my mum who woke me up.

Experience 2:

I have a 3 year old cousin whom i doted on. And there’s once i went over to his house with my family.

My aunt was telling me how he told her that a sealion looked like a ‘hantu'(meaning ghost). So my dad jokingly asked, “Jiemin, you saw hantu before ah? How does hantu look like?”

We were expecting him to describe a sealion but to our horror, using bits of words and action, jiemin described someone hanging by the neck with a very long tongue sticking out. Imagine, a 3 year old telling you someone hanging by the neck someore and still can tell you a very long tongue!

We askked him where is it and he say “ceilling”. However he refused to tell us where he saw it. We comfirmed that no one told him cause he knows how to tell us who told him what..

Experience 3:

Both me and my cousin are rather ‘sensitive’ to this kind of supernatural stuff. When we were rather young, both our families like to meet at a coffeeshop to chat and eat. It was really late that night and there’s no more children at the playground. Our parents are drinking and talking so we decided to play. While we were having fun, a little indian girl came to join us. As kids, we just play lor.

Den that indian girl asked us to follow her to a void deck. We agreed but as we were going, my cousin’s elder sister (who is older by a few years only) very angrily scolded us “Don’t play with her la!”. But we ignored her and followed that girl. However, when she turn into the staircase, she disappeared! We were right behide her! There’s no way a little girl can run up the stairs so quickly.

We went back to our parents and asked them where did the indian girl went. And their reply was.. “What little girl? There’s only the two of you what.”

i thought perhaps my memory is failing me but when i asked my cousin, she comfirmed my story and she also rememebred that little girl. Weird thing is, only both of us remembered her. Her older sister seems to forgotten all about it.

Experience 4:

Rememeber my trip to taiwan? Me and my cousin shared a room. While my parents are on another floor cause there isn’t enough rooms. It was really very late and we were watching tv. As i’m the kind who is really focus when i’m watching, sounds or people talking beside me, i won’t notice wan.

However my cousin told me that as we were watching the tv, she heard someone trying to open our door. Like turning the knob a few times. she looked at me but since i didn’t seem to notice it, she kept quiet. Cause she don’t wan to scare me. Than the turning stopped. But the heard someone knocking on the window just beside her. Who could it be?! We were on the 8th floor!!

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