Dikir Barat

I was in JC 2 that time. We were dismissed for self study to prepare for our prelims. Me and my buddy always stayed overnite in school to study the whole nite. Sometimes in the whole school only two of us were around… (normally more ppl studied in school at nite somemore a PE teacher often stayed to guard the school).

We stayed at our ECA rooms, and studied on the table outside facing the school track. At around 4.30 am, every morning without fail, we always heard dikir barat song played from the furthest corner of the track. Surprisingly, the song would ended at 5 am sharp. Who would BLAST a dikir barat song at such early morning?

We gathered our guts and went to investigate… (that time the two of us are very brave one u noe… 🙂 )…. To our surprise, when we went to the far corner, the song stoppped mysteriously… and it’s not even 5 am yet…. we felt the hairs on our back were at its end. Without talking to each other, we went back to the main building of our school… That’s when we heard that the dikir barat started to play again…..

Since then, when we heard the dikir barat played in the morning… we just continued studying and said nothing to each other…

Yah…… that’s my story… not very scary though…. but just wanna share with u all…… 🙂

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